Our Five Ring Circus: ZooBoo

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We went to ZooBoo today at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG aquarium. It was a beautiful day for it, and everybody seemed to have the same idea! We go to the zoo often, but this was our first time at ZooBoo. It was so neat to see the Zoo decorated for Halloween, and to see all the kids trick or treating in their costumes!

My mom, my sister, Andrea, and my nephews, Brady, Brandon, and Jack joined Lexie, Dylan, and I for ZooBoo. I have to admit, it was overly crowded, and very difficult to keep all 5 kids together at all times. It was a bit aggravating for us adults, but worth it for the kids! Halfway through, the crowd began to disperse...I'm guessing to watch the Steelers game! ;) (Way to go, Steelers!!! Sorry Minnesota gals!)

I didn't want Dylan and Lexie to ruin their Halloween costumes, so I put them in different costumes. Dylan wore the dragon costume that he wore for Halloween 2007. Lexie wore the lion costume that Dylan wore for Halloween 2006. It was nice to see her in one of Dylan's cute costumes!

This was my mom's first time seeing the PPG aquarium, and she loved it! Penguins were the favorite exhibit for my mom, Lexie, and Dylan! The penguins are so playful and come right up the glass to interact with you!

One of the special ZooBoo activities was underwater pumpkin carving! It was so cool to watch!

We got to see a polar bear swimming in the water from the underwater tunnel!

My mom was mesmerized by the sharks!

As were the kids! The underwater tunnels are always a favorite of ours!

The kids got to trick or treat, look at the animals, walk through a haunted hideaway and a haunted house (they were awesome!), pet snakes and centipedes, dance, and interact with a few costumed characters. It really was a great event for the kids, and they had a great time!

Lexie refused to go into the Haunted Hideaway for a second time, after crying her way through it the first time, even though it was not even remotely scary! She was happy just sitting on a bale of straw, eating a pink lollipop, and cuddling the pink penguin her Nina had just bought for her!

The kids were having so much fun, that they even happily agreed to a few posed pictures!

Notice the shadow of the person trying to scare them! ;)

What a great day for them! I definitely think we'll do it again next year!

Happy ZooBoo!


  1. This looks like a blast! I love their costumes! Too cute! :)

  2. How fun, looks like a great time! Love all the costumes and all the great pictures :)

  3. Awww that looks like so much fun! The kids look so cute in their costumes!

    They have something like that at the Columbus Zoo, but I didn't know about it so we will have to try to go next year. =)

  4. That looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures, and costumes! :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! What a great zoo. The costumes are so cute...last year Lila wore an old one of Gage's and I loved seeing her in it. :)

  6. lol I love that photo of the kids with the shadow and thats the cutest little pink penguin stuffed animal... i don't blame lexie i hat anything "haunted" even fake ones...lol


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