Our Five Ring Circus: February 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caught in a Whirlwind

I am feeling completely overwhelmed. I feel as if my life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks. It's only slowing down a bit to let me breathe, and it will be picking up again soon.

On a positive note, I'm loving our new furniture! Our next purchase is going to be tables, because our coffee table just isn't cutting it anymore! I can't wait to paint, redecorate, and build shelves!

I bought my new camera almost two weeks ago, and I haven't even picked up the owner's manual. I haven't even shot in manual yet. I haven't even had time to try it with my 50 mm prime lens!

I have a dozens of projects planned, some of them major: as in finishing the living room, completely overhauling the bathroom, painting outside, and fixing up the basement. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have the projects done!

As of tomorrow, I have a month to find a new home for my horse. After 2 weeks of searching, I've had no luck yet. I'm worried that my horse is going to end up homeless! I honestly don't know what to do.

I have to make a very difficult phone call tomorrow. We may have to get our cat put to sleep if she is sick with what we think she has (feline leukemia).

I have to make Lexie's 3 year appointment, and make an appointment for her to go to hematology again at the Childrens Hospital. I've been putting it off, but I know she has to get her blood work done. I just fear that there will turn out to be something more going on than just her neutrophils being low from the diarrhea that she had most of last year. I hate to hear about all her nutritional deficiencies, and know that we haven't made much progress with her eating issues.

On Friday, I woke up with a massive migraine. The roads were completely covered in snow, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to drive Dylan to school. I was thrilled when the district upgraded from a 2 hour delay to a closing. I was feeling so guilty about not being able to get him to school due to my migraine, so it was such a relief to have a snow day!

That was one of the worst migraines I've had in a long time. I've felt crappy ever since it eased. I've been nauseous, shaky, and I've had a lingering headache all weekend. I think it's time to talk to my doctor!

On Friday afternoon, the kids and I went to visit my parents and have dinner with them. They ended up getting into a massive fight in front of us. I love my mom to pieces, but she can be so irrational at times. I only recall them fighting like this once when I was growing up, but they've been going at it more and more. It's amazing how much it affects me, even as an adult. They tried to drag me into it, but I said I was having no part of it.

My mom ended up locking herself in her room, and put her headphones on, leaving my dad and I in silence, and my kids in tears. I couldn't leave, because the roads were crappy, and all of our stuff, including our shoes, were locked in her room with her. She finally stomped out of her room and kicked us out of the house.

I ended up in tears the rest of the evening. I was feeling so hurt and emotional after witnessing that. It's so hard to watch them hurt each other. I do everything I can to keep the peace in the family, so it hurts me when my loved ones are fighting, even if I can't do anything about it.

When I finally got home, I locked myself in my room, and just shed the tears. My crying was starting to upset the kids, so I had to do it away from them. After I calmed down, I began cleaning the house in a frenzy, in an effort to keep my mind off of things.

That night, I took my kids to bed with me. I needed the comfort of a sleepover with those I loved most. Right before I turned out the light, Dylan leaned over me and began praying, and Lexie joined in. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. I vowed to focus on them this weekend!

We enjoyed a lazy Saturday at home. I needed it to recover from the busy weeks I've had, the lingering migraine, and the stress of Friday.

I savored every moment with my kids. Every time Lexie wanted to climb into my lap for a snuggle, I made room for her. When Dylan asked me to lay with him as he fell asleep last night, I did, instead of telling him that he's a big boy and can do it alone. Someday, my lap won't be big enough to hold Lexie, and Dylan will stop asking for me to snuggle with him. That someday will happen sooner than I imagine, so I will enjoy every sweet moment with my babies.

I engaged in some "retail therapy" today. Lexie got a duplicate dress and sweater for her birthday, so I had to return them. The store was having a sale, and I had a coupon, so I bought every adorable dress that I saw for Lexie. I threw in a pair of shorts and a shirt to be practical. And a clearance shirt for Dylan. I ended up paying $50 for 7 dresses, the shorts/shirt, and shirt for Dylan...thanks to the return credit and the coupon! Lexie is just about set for summer!

This afternoon, we had lunch with Grant's parents and Nannie. Apparently, the kids were bothered by the situation of Friday more than they let on, because Lexie informed Grant's mom that, "Mommy was sad and crying because Papa and Nina were fighting. But she's okay now."

I wish that hadn't happened. My heart aches for my mom and dad. I'm trying not to think about it.

I'm going to take it one day at a time. I will get my migraines under control. We will get Lexie's health under control. I will find a home for my horse. My projects will get done. I will get to "play" with my camera. It may not happen as quickly as I hope, but it will happen.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off Day

Today was just one of those days...

The day started out with our new furniture being delivered. We have been waiting four long years to replace our living room furniture, and it's finally here. I'm hoping that the waiting pays off, and the kids don't destroy it! I love it, and now I'm ready to go get a new coffee table, paint the walls, and build the shelves!

The truck actually arrived 15 minutes before they were scheduled to (now that's a first), and it was early this morning. I was in the process of getting dressed when I saw the truck pull up. I grabbed my shirt, and took off for the door, in hopes of reaching it before they rang the doorbell, and woke up Lexie. I was pulling my shirt on, when the man knocked on the door. I so hope he didn't see anything!

When Dylan woke up this morning, and saw the lawn chairs in the living room, he said, "Hey! I thought you said we'd have a new couch and chair when I woke up!" The kids love the new furniture. As do we!

It was my last day babysitting my best friend's boys. It's going to be so weird not babysitting every week. I have been watching other kids regularly, since Dylan was 14 months old. I'm going to miss seeing Tyler and Braden so often, so we'll have to have a lot of playdates! I'm very happy for Jocie, because she's finally becoming a stay at home mom!

A good friend stopped by this afternoon. I hardly ever get to see her anymore, thanks to both of our busy schedules. It was wonderful to see her, and talk to her again! She bought Lexie the cutest dress for her birthday, which Lexie promptly put on over her clothes! I'm hoping to see her (and her two adorable kids) soon!

My kids were both in a funk today. Lexie was good for most of the day, but Dylan was whiny. I think we're all getting cabin fever, and craving warmth, sun, and playgrounds. Lexie didn't get a chance to nap today, and she still very much needs one. By 5:00 she was beginning to melt down. By bath time, I began to lose it. As my kids sat in the tub, I leaned over the edge and began to cry. It was the first day in a long time that they both managed to wear me down and cause me to lose control of my emotions.

It didn't help that I had a bad headache, cramps, and body aches from all the shoveling I did yesterday.

Lexie ended up falling asleep very early, Dylan mellowed out, and I went for a quick 3-mile run on the treadmill to calm down. It did work, and I managed to watch American Idol and figure skating in peace. American Idol...I was completely off on those results!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get the snow they are predicting. I am so over snow. Really. Completely over it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Me Some Furniture! STAT!

Guess what happens when you have to remove your old living room furniture to make room for the new stuff being delivered the next day?

You get to have a "picnic" in your living room!

We spent the evening watching TV in lawn chairs. Thank goodness our furniture is being delivered first thing in the morning, because these chairs are uncomfortable!

Lexie took our minds of the uncomfortableness of the chairs. Dylan fell asleep earlier than usual, so we got to spend some alone time with our baby girl.

She entertained us with her singing, dancing, and vaulting skills.

Not too shabby. She just may have a future in vaulting.

I tried vaulting as a teenager, and I think my 3 year old may possess better skills than I had. Of course, my horse was actually moving, and I was standing...but she's well on her way!

Now, excuse me, while I pry my numb behind out of this chair.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Girl

Today, at 4:16 PM, my princess turned 3!

I really, really, really can't believe she's already 3. It seems like she was JUST born.

How did she go from this...


to this...


to this...


to this...


to this...


to THIS?


My baby girl had a great birthday! She opened a small present this morning, before Grant went to work. Then, she removed all the balloons from her room, and put them in the living room!


She was thrilled to wear her birthday outfit again, and proudly sported it all day!


I tried to take pictures, but it was nearly impossible! She was on the move, and not into having the camera in her face!


She rested and watched some cartoons while Dylan was in school.


I spoiled her with some mini, powdered donuts for her snack. The mustache is proof.


We picked up Dylan, and then she played with her new toys for a bit, before taking a nap.


Grant and I celebrated Lexie turning 3 by buying new living room furniture this afternoon! Lexie had a blast in the furniture showroom. She made sure to test out every couch, and after we bought the set we liked, she informed us that she wanted a WHITE couch! No, make that, RED!

We let Lexie pick a restaurant for her birthday dinner, and she choose Burger King. She's never been inside one, and only ate their food once, so I'm not sure why she chose it. I'm thinking her brother may have influenced that decision! She barely ate, but had a great time at the indoor playground. She really showed her age today, by venturing into the play structure on her own, and talking to other kids-two things she doesn't do much of!

We headed home, and finally let her open her birthday presents! She waited very patiently all day, and never even asked about her presents. She methodically opened her gifts, barely even cracking a smile until they were all open. She can be so serious...and efficient!

I felt bad, because she was so itchy today, from her eczema. This picture says it all:


She loved everything she got! Dylan bought her a Mermaid Barbie that she saw on TV. Grant and I bought her Littlest Pet Shop Portable sets, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, the Strawberry Shortcake pool, Strawberry Shortcake Boutique, a Strawberry Shortcake Bubbly Bath set, Polly Pockets, Puppy in my Pockets, Sleeping Beauty MegaBlocks, A Barbie with a horse, and the Barbie carriage/hot air balloon. We had to open every box before we could have cake!

We sang to her again, and this time she laughed and smiled through it. I successfully got it on video! We each posed for a picture with our best girl.


After a bath (with her new Mermaid Barbie), some playtime with her new toys, and a snack, it was time for bed!

And so begins our adventure with our now 3 year old!

Happy 3rd Birthday, to my sweet, beautiful, baby girl! I love her with all my heart. She may be a "big girl" but she'll always be my baby!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To

On Saturday, we celebrated Lexie's birthday with our family and friends.

The first guests arrived at 2:00 PM, and the last guests left at 1:15 AM. It was a great party! It wasn't perfect-I didn't get many of the decorations up before the guests arrived, the camcorder stopped taping after Lexie opened presents, I accidentally deleted the video of everybody singing to Lexie, I forgot to charge the battery for my new camera which resulted in a very low battery, and I forgot to take the cake out of the container. But...we all had fun!

Lexie is not a big fan of being the center of attention. We have a huge family and many close friends, so our parties are always packed. I think we're going to end up doing a family party and a friend party for upcoming birthdays, so it isn't as overwhelming!

Lexie was excited to open presents, but wasn't too sure about everybody watching!


She got so many wonderful things! She loved the fun toys, stuffed animals, and books. I loved the fact that she got tons of adorable clothes and a nice savings bond!

Lexie loved the cake that my mom made for her! My mom has been making cakes for my kids since Dylan's 2nd Birthday.


I am so disappointed that I deleted the video file of everybody singing "Happy Birthday" to Lexie. It was the funniest thing ever! Lexie was smiling until all the guests started gathering around her. Slowly, her smile began to fade. As we began to sing, she slouched lower and lower in her chair, until she disappeared under the table.


She peeked back up at us, stuck her lip out, and began to cry. Grant went to her rescue, and helped her blow out her candles.

As soon as the crowd dispersed, Lexie was back to her happy self!


After everybody ate cake, and got some food, we did a craft with the kids. I did a foam sticker craft for Dylan's birthday, and the kids loved it, so we did it again!

After the craft, the kids ran off to play. Lexie kept seeking out her favorite people to cuddle with and play with!


My beloved Aunt Jackie came to the party! Everybody adores her, and we were thrilled that she could make it! Dylan and Lexie love her so much, and told me they were moving in with her! She is just a wonderful person!

My Aunt Jackie and our two wonderful friends stayed long after everybody else left, and then we were joined by two friends who couldn't make it until later. We talked, laughed, and played Wii and Trivial Pursuit.

Lexie couldn't wait to put on her new kitty pajamas. She has been asking for them for weeks!


The party may have been over, since all of the kids cousins and friends left, but Aunt Jackie was there, so they wanted to stay up and play. They lasted until after midnight. By that time, they were all partied out.

It really was a fun party! Lexie woke up this morning and told me, "Mommy, I loved my birthday party, but I did not love them singing to me."

Tonight, I tucked my baby girl into bed, and took one last picture of my 2 year old.


After she drifted off to sleep, I baked her a cake, wrapped the rest of her presents, and filled her room with balloons.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate her 3rd Birthday!