Our Five Ring Circus: Egg-actly

Sunday, October 4, 2009


After 9 long months suffering, we are finally about 99% sure what was causing Lexie's diarrhea. Although we originally eliminated them from her diet, it appears that eggs have been the culprit all along.

I haven't updated in a while because I wanted to be sure that this was really it, and that the diarrhea was, indeed, under control. I now feel confident in saying that it is!

I am beyond relieved! But I also admit to feeling angry at her Gastroenterologist. I asked for an allergy test at her very first appointment, and was turned down. I asked twice more, and was given a BS reason as to why we weren't testing for food allergies. Instead, they chose to make her get repeat CF tests, send in more stool samples than I can even remember, and get multiple blood panels done. All of this could have been avoided with one. simple. test.

I digress.

Indeed, she is diarrhea-free. And fully potty trained! That is a feat I never expected to accomplish for at least another year, due to her issues.

Back in December 2008, when this all started, eggs were the main food she ate. She sometimes ate them twice a day. We did food elimination in March, but obviously, didn't eliminate them long enough. In August, she stopped eating eggs for about 3 weeks, and I noticed that her diarrhea improved. One morning, we had eggs for breakfast, and she ended up with massive diarrhea all weekend. That was a red flag, so we avoided eggs for 2 more weeks, and she improved once again. I gave her a final test by giving her eggs one recent morning, and yet again, massive diarrhea!

Lexie will still need to see her Hematologist and get blood work done regularly. She is an extremely picky eater-her doctor has used the term "Pediatric Feeding Disorder" to describe her eating problem. She has major control issues with her eating, and only eats a few foods. I'll save that post for another day!

Because of her bad eating habits, she has multiple nutritional deficiencies, is anemic, and still has Neutropenia. Until she gets better, she will need to have blood drawn regularly to monitor her condition.

But, alas, we finally have a good ending to her chronic diarrhea. As long as we avoid eggs, she will be diarrhea free!


  1. Great news that you finally found the culprit! I wonder if this will be an allergy she has forever, or just something she needs to "grow out of"?

    And truly, they could be sisters in the picky eating department. Most mornings, T eats no breakfast, might have a bite or two at lunch, and if I'm lucky will have a little bit for dinner. My one saving grace is that she does drink a Pedisure each and every day.

  2. Wow...I don't blame you for being ticked. But I'm sure glad you've finally discovered the culprit. What a long road it's been for you guys. Here's to solid poop! Hip hip, hooray! :)

  3. I know you must be so relieved to finally know what the culprit was!
    So happy for you!

  4. Good news!

    Heads up: I don't know how your family feels about vaccinations, but many of them have egg ingredients, so you better do careful research before she gets any shots.

    Also, many ppl allergic to egg are only allergic to one part, the yolk or the white. You might still want to have this checked, as it will make your life a lot easier. (ie, if she's allergic to the yolk, you can still buy EggBeaters and made pretty much anything.)

    Good luck,


  5. Well Praise God that you figured it out. Way to go Dr. Mom!!!


    Her outfit is darling! Loved the photos.

  6. Wow...who would've thought eggs would be it?!? SO glad that the mystery is solved & you have a potty trained little girl!

  7. Yeah! I am so happy that you finally know the reason! I bet it is a big relief to you and to Lexie!

  8. That's great you were able to figure it out! It must relieve so much stress.

  9. i just noticed another thing other than the similarities of our childrens names I am also the youngest of 8, i have 5 sisters and 2 brothers

  10. What an adorable little outfit! She is too cute!

  11. That is so great! She looks much happier now! I would be too if I were her!

  12. I'm so glad you figured it out! Yay for you guys.

    As for the egg allergy, at least it's a relief that she only gets diarrhea when she has the eggs and it's not life threatening. Have you found she also has problems with baked goods? Some people will only have trouble if they eat straight eggs. As for the vaccinations, the MMR and flu vaccines are made from egg embryos. However, I'm sure she's had these and the amount of egg protein is so trace that I have even been advised to get the MMR for Graham (life threatening egg allergy). Did Lexie actually have an allergy test? Blood or scratch? Sometimes trial and error is the best way to find out. Graham is not allergic to dairy, according to the blood test, however whenever he has it, he gets "water on the ear." Awesome. NOT!!

    Anyway...longest comment ever. Ha-ha. Give me a shout if you ever want to talk allegies (or anything else of course).


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