Our Five Ring Circus: Talkin' About Thursdays...Laundry

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talkin' About Thursdays...Laundry

I'm joining Genny from My Cup 2 Yours for Talkin' About Thursdays. It's one of my favorite topics, and one of my favorite things to do...Laundry!

I originally blogged about this in June, but I decided to bump it up for this week's topic!

Time for my strange confession.

I love doing the laundry. Love it.

Please, don't send me to an insane asylum just yet. Let me explain...

You see, doing laundry relaxes me. I'm a bit (my hubby would say a lot) OCD, and I love the organization and routine of laundry day.

Yes, I said day. Doing a load of laundry every day just wasn't cutting it. So I save it all for one day a week, and then I have full loads. This works for us, because frankly, our closets are packed with clothes. (Side note: Does Lexie REALLY need 47 dresses?)

I love sorting the clothes. Oh-and do I sort! I read every clothing label, and sort it according to how it needs to be washed. Cold lights, Cold darks, warm lights, warm darks, jeans, towels, bedding, and whites. I do sort every night so it doesn't pile up and for some reason, I can remember the washing instructions on every piece of clothing (but where in the world is my camera manual-why can't I remember THAT?), so it goes quickly.

Ahhhhh...feeding my OCD. It's a good feeling.

Come winter time, all of Lexie's stuff gets washed separately, in a special detergent, because her eczema gets really bad. That tacks on a few more loads, but I can't give up the delicious smell of my detergent and softener.

The smell...I love it. I could spend a half hour in the laundry aisle picking out detergent and softener. I love clothes that are soft and smell great! I am a laundry product junkie.

Stain remover is a necessity in this house! I will never understand how kids can destroy their clothes after wearing them just one time! Stain remover has saved many clothing items!

I like to sneak in a few minutes of magazine reading while I'm waiting for the washer to finish. *Sometimes* I head downstairs before the load is done. ;)

I love folding the perfectly clean items and putting them into neat stacks, one for each family member. (Just for the record, I hang dry about half of our clothing.) The folding motions lull me into a deep state of relaxation. It's like my own form of meditation!

*I realized after I uploaded this picture, that I subconsciously stack the clothes in piles going from oldest to youngest. Maybe I do need help. Or perhaps I need help because I actually took pictures of my laundry?*

When laundry day is over, and the last item of clothing is put away, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. I accomplished something huge, and there's not a dirty piece of clothing in the house...at least for another 12 hours. Unlike my floors, which need cleaned every 5 seconds...

I realize I'm an oddball when it comes to this. Maybe 1% of the world's population are with me on this. Even my very OCD mother, who "trained" me to be like this, thinks I'm nuts for loving laundry. Perhaps I am...but really, it keeps me calm and sane in this house filled with chaos!

I wish my love for laundry transferred over to other housework. Laundry is the only chore I love to do. I loathe everything else!

If I could, I'd hire someone to clean my house. In a heartbeat!!!

But I'm not giving up laundry duty!


  1. I love that you love laundry, Stefanie! :) And I'm so glad that you joined in today! Great post!

  2. Too funny! I am dreading doing laundry for 5 when the baby comes. I don't mind doing it, it is folding and ironing that get me!
    Feel free to stop over for free child entertaining...I have about 6 loads to do right now! :)
    Happy Friday!

  3. Like I said before, any time you want to come over and help me out with mine, you are more than welcome!

  4. I LOVE this post! I am definitely in the 1% with you (and I am also told that I am quite OCD...it must go hand in hand!) :) It's nice to know you're not the only "crazy" one out there! :)


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