Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Another Monday is here! Time for Not Me Monday, hosted by Mckmama. I'm completely late in posting my confessions, thanks to this girl:

The look on her face does NOT sum up the day I've had with her. How can the teenage years possibly worse than the drama I deal with on a daily basis with her?

It was not me who sat down on Lexie's potty seat insert more times than I could count. On several occaisions, I did not just use the potty seat insert.

I did not walk into Lexie's room to put laundry away, and was so overwhelmed by the destruction that I dropped the laundry basket, and walked quickly away.

I did not stay awake worrying about the fact that we needed a new carbon monoxide detector and a battery for our smoke detector. I did not think that tragedy would strike that night, because I was unprepared. When I finally went to get said carbon monoxide detector, I was not shocked at how expensive they were!

When my mom called to ask where my dad and Dylan were, because they were 15 minutes late picking her up, I did not panic, and immediately search the local news websites for car accident reports. I did not yell at my dad about needing to keep him cell phone with him at all times!

I did not eat my macaroni and cheese right out of the pot, just to avoid dirtying another dish.

I was COMPLETELY prepared for the 25 degree temp this morning. I did not have to immediately run to the store to buy Lexie a winter coat!


  1. haha!! today I took ate out of the package so I didn't have to deal with dirty dishes
    and I too sent my child to school this am in a short sleeved shirt in 46 degree weather cuz SUPER MOM was unprepared for cooler weather---OOOOPPPPSS!!!!!

  2. The looking for car accidents one cracked me up, I do that ALL the time! The cold weather has been crazy here too, ugh. That picture of your daughter is so cute!

  3. Cute post. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who worries like that! Some days I think I'm going to drive myself crazy with some of the stuff that I worry about. ;)

  4. Oh, just wait til you get to those teenage years. You'll be LONGING for these days back. ha ha ha

    I'm dreading the teenage years with Riley. One of the girls in our youth group is just pure torture and I fear that 'attitude' in my own daughter. Oh the horror!

    That picture was PERFECT! Says it all! =0)

  5. I do'nt eat macaroni out of the pot in effort to trick myself into thinking I didn't actually eat enough to worry about. I do'nt always eat at least 3 huge spoonfuls of it when I make it JUST for the kids. *sigh*.


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