Our Five Ring Circus: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty Princesses

On Saturday night, we all gathered to celebrate Charlie's 2nd Birthday!

Tracy encouraged the little girls to come dressed as princesses, which ended up being an adorable sight!  Luckily, it was a gorgeous evening, so we set the kids free in the back yard!

 photo 077-3.jpg
 photo 079-5.jpg
 photo 080-4.jpg
 photo 083-5.jpg
 photo 096-8.jpg
 photo 097-6.jpg
 photo 100-5.jpg
 photo 104-5.jpg
 photo 105-9.jpg
 photo 103-5.jpg
 photo 114-5.jpg

There were a LOT of kids running around!  I think there were 14 total, but I admit, I lost count!

 photo 088-7.jpg

The older girls dressed as princesses, too, but quickly shed their costumes for play clothes!

 photo 087-5.jpg

The kids had a great time playing, but soon it got dark, so we made them come in for cake and presents!

 photo 118-6.jpg
 photo 124-1.jpg
 photo 125-1.jpg
 photo 127-3.jpg

It was a fun party!  I have to say, it was the cutest group of toddler princesses ever!

 photo 133-2.jpg

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


Lily wears a dress almost every day.  She does have a few outfits that involve pants, though!  This one is a personal favorite.  I call it her disco outfit!

 photo 024-14.jpg
 photo 021-8.jpg
 photo 031-10.jpg
 photo 037-10.jpg
 photo 035-10.jpg

Shirt and Pants:  MudPie
Headband:  Target


Lexie goes to school, so she has to wear clothes that are comfortable and that she can wear while playing outside at recess. Dresses aren't an option every day anymore!

 photo 007-10.jpg
 photo 001-9.jpg

Shirt:  Jenna & Jessie
Lace-trimmed capri leggings:  The Children's Place
Bow:  Walmart ($1!)


Dylan picks his own outfits for school, and always does a good job!

 photo 014-13.jpg

Button-down Shirt: Carter's
Jeans:  Old Navy

{Baby #4}

I know this isn't really an outfit, but I did buy a Summer Infant swaddle pod for the baby.  I wanted to get one for Lily, but never did.  Grant is the swaddling pro before bed,  but I am terrible at it in the middle of the night, after I change the baby's diaper.  We have swaddle sacks and swaddlers, but I never felt like they swaddled our babies as tight as they were swaddled in blankets. I've heard good things about these!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Play Ball!!!

On Saturday, Dylan officially began his 4th season of baseball!

 photo 032-4.jpg

It was, by far, the best Opening Day we've had!  The weather has been awful the past 3 years.  Saturday was perfect!  It was a bit chilly in the morning, thanks to a 28 degree low overnight, but the sun was shining bright in a cloudless blue sky, and it warmed up quickly.  By the time his game began, it was a perfect 70 degrees!

Our day started early with the Opening Day parade and ceremony.  The kids were lined up by 8:15 AM, and ready to go!

 photo IMAG5586.jpg
 photo IMAG5585.jpg
 photo 004-12.jpg

Grant, the girls, and I lined the parade route to cheer his team on.

 photo 006-8.jpg
  photo 007-9.jpg
 photo 009-10.jpg

The Opening Ceremony was next.  Each team was introduced; every sponsor, coach, and team member named.

 photo 016-5.jpg

The girls were a bit bored by that point.  I let Lily run free and bribed her with snacks!

  photo 023-14.jpg
 photo 025-16.jpg
 photo 027-9.jpg
 photo 029-4.jpg

Fortunately, it went quickly. Just like that, the 2013 baseball season began!

 photo 033-14.jpg

We returned home for about an hour, then went back to the park for team photos.

 photo 035-9.jpg

After the pictures, Dylan and his teammates went to the field for a quick practice before the game.   The boys seemed so excited to begin!  Finally, it was time to play ball!

 photo 037-9.jpg
 photo 038-9.jpg
 photo 040-5.jpg

Dylan is really into it this year, so it's fun to watch him play.  Plus, the boys are getting better, so the innings go by much more quickly!

It was hard trying to watch the game and keep an eye on the girls at the same time!

 photo 046-9.jpg
 photo 049-8.jpg
 photo 052-8.jpg
 photo 050-10.jpg

Luckily, MawNaw came to the game to watch Dylan play, so she was a great distraction! 

 photo 055-6.jpg

Dylan had a good cheering section!

 photo 069-4.jpg
 photo 070-7.jpg

Dylan played a great game!  He focused, tried hard, went after the ball, got a few outs, and hit well!

 photo 063-3.jpg
 photo 064-7.jpg
 photo 066-5.jpg

We, of course, were super proud of our little baseball player!  We love cheering him on!

 photo 072-9.jpg
 photo 073-10.jpg
 photo 075-3.jpg

Here's to the start of a great season!  Great job, Dylan!  Go, Cyclones!!!

 photo 054-12.jpg