Our Five Ring Circus: Pumpkin Carving

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Since today was a week until Halloween, we decided to carve our huge pumpkins. Four hours, 6 cuts, and 4 blisters later, they are complete!

The kids only lasted about a half hour. Dylan was feeling a bit under the weather, and ran off to lay on the couch.

Lexie eventually came back to sit with her daddy.

Grant and I were a bit frustrated near the end, because they were taking forever to carve, and all of our tools broke. I ended up using a screwdriver and a knife to punch out the rest of the pattern. Hence, the blisters!

Evil pumpkins. I'm glad we only do this once a year!

The hard work was worth it, though. Dylan and Lexie loved their pumpkins!


  1. Great job. Love the pic of Grant kissing Lexie. Aww.....

  2. Too cute! Great pictures! I am also convinced that are daughters are very much alike and have the same wardrobe! I guess we both have great taste! :)

  3. I am too chicken to try the carving...
    ya'll did great though!! cute pics :)

  4. nice pumpkins. sounds dangerous though with all bumps and bruises...ouch

  5. I love the pictures.. the pumpkim picture is cool. he didn't look like he was feeling that well. The picture of daddy and lexi is priceless :)

  6. The pumpkins look as big as them! They came out great!! :)

  7. They turned out great!! Love the Daddy/Daughter picture...so cute!


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