Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Time for another week of confessions! Stop by MckMama's blog to check out her awesome Not Me Monday blog carnival!

I did not break a glow stick and have it splatter all over my shirt. Since that didn't happen, I was not glowing in the dark on the drive home.

While playing at the park, I did not blatantly ignore someone honking their horn repeatedly, thinking they were honking at someone else. It was not my brother in law, and I did not feel like a complete moron for not recognizing him.

On that same day at the park, I did not take Lexie behind a tree to pee outside for the first time. I did not have to do this due to the fact that the port-a-potty was taken away just moments earlier. She did not pee all over my hand and her pants. I did not just pull up her pants and send her on her way!

Keeping 5 kids with us at ZooBoo was NOT a difficult task. Dylan did not walk ahead and start crying when he realized we weren't with him. Lexie did not trail behind and start shrieking when she realized she lost track of us. I did not feel horribly guilty!

I did not make my kids wear costumes from past Halloweens to ZooBoo, simply because I didn't want them ripping or dirtying this year's costumes before Halloween!

I am not boycotting green beans after a recent incident with Lexie's first vomiting experience.

I did not attempt to take a shortcut over my bed to the outlet today, to plug in my treadmill, only to fall off the edge of the bed and sprain my ankle.


  1. I seriously laughed my way through this WHOLE post. I loved the glo stick, pee, honking, everything! you are a hoot!

  2. This is a great not me! I love the peeing thing...been there, done that! :) Hope the ankle heals up soon.

  3. Oh no the pee hahahaha!!!
    I can't help but cringe and laugh. :) I hope your ankle heals fast!!

  4. What's a little pee on the hand going to hurt?? LOL

    Sorry about your ankle. Ouch!

  5. poor kids getting lost at the zoo boo. awww. yes it is hard to take a bunch of kids to crowded events like that. thats why somehow a lot of those things aren't as fun anymore to me...lol. too much stress invovled--- all i do is count kids all day.

  6. Too funny! I think peeing outside is one of the best perks of having boys...they can pretty much pee anywhere! We had some glow sticks at church this week and I was so scared that one of the kiddos would bust theirs open!!

  7. Ohhhh, hope your ankel feels better. I have done that with a glow stick a few times ... kids find it funny that mommy glows ... ahhh well ... what can we do

    Happt Not Me Monday!


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