Our Five Ring Circus: Dylan's Zoo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dylan's Zoo

Welcome to my life with a boy who loves animals...all sorts of interesting animals!

Sadly, Super Snail passed away. Dylan was incredibly upset over it, but luckily my sister softened the blow by giving her hermit crab to Dylan. I could hardly say no when he seemed so excited about it.

Dylan named him Freddy, and brought him home to live in his room with Bob Frog and BatFish.

It turned out that Lexie loved Freddy, too.

Freddy is overactive, and loves strolling down the road on Dylan's train table.

The following morning, Dylan found a Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar, and tried to keep it, too.

Dylan decided that Freddy and Bob had to meet the caterpillar.

Because Lexie was so in love with Freddy, Grant bought them a second hermit crab. I think the second crab was more for him! ;) Dylan picked out a crab with a fancy, painted shell, for $2 more than the plain ones. That crab moved into a bigger, plain shell the following day. Figures!

As soon as we brought the new crab home, he had to meet Freddy, Bob, and Mr. Caterpillar.

I had to explain to Dylan that he had to let the caterpillar go, because it couldn't live in captivity. He was agreeable, and found a good place to let him go in our yard that night.

The following day, we replaced the deceased SuperSnail with SuperSnail 2. Unfortunately, I think SuperSnail 2 is also deceased. I wonder how many SuperSnails we will end up with?

I had to save the best for last. Dylan named his new hermit crab Dick. Dick and Freddy!!! Ha! I'm assuming after his PapPap. Okay, I'm hoping it's after his PapPap, because I'm not really sure where he's coming up with these names!

Yes, my house is a zoo. Bob, Freddy, Dick, Batfish, (dead) SuperSnail 2, and several crickets (to feed the frog, of course!) all reside in Dylan's room.

When I heard, "It's A BOY!!!" in the delivery room, I never expected this!


  1. Kids just love animals, especially little boys! Sorry the Snail passed away :(

  2. That's so sad about his snail. It is super cute how much he loves all his little friends though. :)

    I was actually looking at those hermit crabs when I was shopping in the mall and they also had these bright rainbow colored frogs (skittle frogs I think?)...it was hard to walk away without one!

  3. Oooh how precious is he! I am well prepared for that with Jimmy, I was just the same way. Tho, so far all Jimmy brings home are dandelions...lol. That is so sad about the snails, I hope you get one to live a while! The hermit crabs are so cute, I got 2 or 3 for my birthday one year. They were fun, but I hated it when they died, blech! They are NOT pretty out of their shells!

  4. So fun, isn't it? I had to laugh so hard at the hermit going down the road!

  5. Wow...props to you with little critters. I couldn't do it. I am much more a a dog and cat lover. :)
    Lexie is wearing the same PJ's that Abby has and also that outfit she has too. We have good taste! :)

  6. think boys are surprising and interesting little people

  7. Aww, that's great! I think it's super cool that he's so into animals. And what a fantastic selection. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Aww! What a great mom u are, allowing him to take animals into your house.

    It is good to see children taking care of animals. They learn to be responsible and compassionate (is that the right word??. Anyways, have a nice weekend!


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