Our Five Ring Circus: Dylan's First Field Trip

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dylan's First Field Trip

Dylan's Pre-K class went on their first field trip today to Soergel Orchards. Soergel's is about 20 minutes away from our house, but this was our very first visit!

Parents had to accompany their child on the field trip, so Lexie came along. It worked out well! The class followed the tour guide, and the moms and siblings trailed behind.

The kids learned all about apples. They have been learning about apples in school, so this trip was fitting! At the orchard, they learned about different varieties of apples, learned about how they were grown and picked, saw how apples were sorted and washed, walked through the huge orchard refrigerator, and watched how apple cider was made. They also got to go through the big corn maze. They finished up their tour with a snack of soft pretzels and apple cider, and each student and the siblings got a treat bag.

The kids had a blast, and it was so cute to see Dylan interacting with his classmates! He is in a great class, and the kids are so cute. Dylan's teacher walked up to me and said that he is such a nice little boy and is so sweet in class. I am so glad that he loves school and is doing well with it!

After the field trip was over, Dylan and Lexie played with a few of Dylan's classmates for a while before heading home. We stayed a bit longer so I could actually take a few pictures!

HA! I wish I had one of these houses at home. With a locked door on it! ;)

Just for the record, Lexie refused to play in the straw. What a prissy girl!

The treat bags were a hit! Dylan and Lexie dug into them before I even pulled out of the lot. Lexie fell asleep in the car, with her half eaten apple cookie in her hand. The moment we got home, Dylan threw himself on the couch and announced that he was exhausted!

Now that's a successful field trip!


  1. This looks like a great place! It looks like they had fun!

  2. What a fun place! Zack is at the Bovey pumpkin patch as we speak with his kindergarten class. Field trips are so much fun! I'm glad you were able to go and get so many pictures of Dylan at his first one!

  3. Awesome! Gage goes on his first field trip next week. I love the pics - looks like everybody had fun. :)

  4. feels like fall to me. I loved all your pics. i am a first time reader to your blog and am enjoying all your posts!

  5. Dylan is certainly all boy in these pics!

  6. What a cool place and how fun that you got to go with! Your children as SO adorable! :)


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