Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I love Monday's for one reason, and one reason only...MckMama's blog carnival. I'm sure you all know who MckMama is, but if not, head over to her blog and check it out!

This week, I did NOT go through computer withdrawal, while ours was being fixed. It was not torture to be without computer for 40 long, miserable hours.

While my computer was gone, I did not:
Go to bed by 11 pm. And not fall asleep until 2:30 am, because I'm so used to my online time after everyone is in bed.
Have to figure out where the weather channel is on my TV, because I rely on my homepage for my weather forecast.
Obsessively clean my house, because there was nothing else to do when the kids didn't want to play with me.

I am not finally admitting that Lexie's eyes are just as incredible as her brother's baby blue's. I do not often get lost just staring into her eyes.

My husband did not yell at me for having 24,000 pictures, when he backed up my stuff on the external hard drive. Is 24,000 that bad???

I did not get a raging case of baby fever, after holding my best friend's newborn. Said baby fever did not disappear rather quickly, in the presence of my exhausted kids. Baby fever will not return the next time I get to hold adorable Baby B! (Congrats J & T!!!)

I did not hang out the car window, taking pictures of a huge Pittsburgh Penguins poster hanging from a building, and of the Arena. I am not that dorky.

I did not tell Lexie that spiders would eat her ears if she took her earrings out. She does not walk around telling people, "Spiders eating my ears!!!"

While we're on the topic of torturing our children, I did not make Lexie cry twice yesterday, by fake crying. She is not so attached to me, that a few seconds of my fake tears would cause her to sob uncontrollably. I do not find this slightly amusing.

Last night, Dylan did not ask me, "Mama, what is Breasts?" He did not mistake the word Breasts for the word Brunch. Phew! Glad I got to the bottom of that one before having to explain!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Aw, poor girl. Thinking spiders will eat her ears? That's too funny!

  2. LOL! Those are great! I never fake cry... :)

  3. Awesome Not Me's! I may have to use that line about the spiders... although Reagan's ears aren't pierced yet. But I'm sure I can think of something to use it for!

    Glad your house is clean AND that you have internet again!

  4. We are from Detroit. TOTAL RED WINGS fans, so I admit your comment about the Pens made me cringe a bit. ;P

    LOL at the Not Me about your daughter crying, I had a similar Not Me! :)

  5. LOL. Yes, 24,000 pictures is a LOT and are most likely taking up a LOT od space on your computer. LOL.

    (sigh) ME too on baby fever!

    LOL, over spiders getting Lexie's ears and that she cries when you fake cry.

    Teehee, that was a close one on breasts versus brunch.

  6. That is a LOT of pictures girl! At least you have 'em though! Dylan's comment about brunch totally made me laugh out loud!

  7. Your kiddo's eyes are stunning! Both in their unique way!

  8. I'm so not relieved to hear that Dylan did not ask you what breasts were. That would not be hilarious.

  9. LOL! Love your Not Me Monday! I finally posted mine on Wed. but who is counting! I don't think there was a linky up on MyCharmingKids this week, did someone else host?


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