Our Five Ring Circus: I Heart Faces-Sepia Toned

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Heart Faces-Sepia Toned

The theme at I Heart Faces this week is Sepia Toned.

I wasn't planning on entering I Heart Faces this week, because I'm so indecisive, and couldn't decide on a picture to use. Today, I was playing around with my camera, and playing with the sepia format, and when I uploaded them to my computer, I came across this one. For some reason, my eyes kept wandering back to this picture, so I figured I'd toss aside all the ones I was considering, and just use this one!

So here's my photo for the I Heart (Sepia Toned) Faces, kids category.

Alexandria...27 months and full of sass!
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  1. TOO cute!!!
    She looks adorable!!
    Great photo!

  2. I'm glad you decided to play along! It's a wonderful entry! The sepia tones worked out beautifully.

  3. so glad you chose this picture because it is absolutely brilliant! Well done!

  4. What a sweet picture! Sepis always gives a great look.

  5. Good choice. Such a cute little face. Looks good in sepia.

  6. Awwww, what a cutie-pie! I just read your 'about me' and you're one of EIGHT? Wow!!!! You DO have a large family!

  7. That is a beautiful picture!

  8. What an adorable little face! :)

  9. determination and delight! Great picture!!

  10. That's a great pic! Precious!

  11. What a beautiful picture!
    Thanks for coming by!

  12. Well, it would've won if *I* was judge.

    Start looking...you should have the next two easy!!



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