Our Five Ring Circus: Of Spiders and Pre-K

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of Spiders and Pre-K

It seems like I have a stalker. As in, the spider that I saved last night, that prompted my spider post below.

Same spider, same time, same place. Tonight. Last night, I nearly stepped on it, as it tried to make it's way up the garage steps, and into the kitchen. Tonight, I saw it come into the kitchen, from those same steps. I swear, it's the same spider. It's either ticked off that I kicked it out of my house, or it told all of it's spidey friends to come find me. Our garage door was open for hours today. I'm not making that same mistake again!

I saved it again...but if I see it tomorrow...I may have to abandon my spider saving tendencies, because that's just freaky.


I received Dylan's information packet in the mail today, from his school. I can't believe he's going to be starting Pre-K in the fall. All of this info suddenly made it seem very well.

Health forms, medical releases, volunteer sheets, tuition bill, parents handbook, class schedule...it's so strange!

I know he has to go. But I'm not ready!!! I've loved the past 4 years that I've had him at home with me, and going to Pre-K is a huge step to him growing up (and away from me). I know many parents that are thrilled when their kid starts school. I'm just not one of them. The thing is, I know Dylan is going to love it.

How did you feel when your child started school? If your child will be starting in the fall, how do you feel about it?


I'm off to actually look at the information that came in the mail, rather than pretend I didn't see it. Hopefully I don't cross paths with the stalker spider again. For now, I will continue brushing off the fake spiders that I keep thinking are crawling up my leg. Freaked out much? Nah, not me.

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  1. If you are just going to kick the spider out instead of squishing it, make sure you throw it far from the house!! My boy is only 2 and I dread when he goes to school. Then it will mean is is a big boy and I want him to be my baby forever!

  2. Well, we're not exactly there just yet, but Truett is starting preschool in the fall. I feel the same way as you...I will miss him terribly, but I know that it's the best for him and he will love it. It's hard to let a child go after you've been their sole caretaker for so long.

  3. ugghh! step on that spider! LOL its weird..lol. i have gotten many spider bites here. i am not a spiderfan any more.

    i did preschool for both boys last year. neither one cared for it much. they both cried everyday all year long and never got used to it.

    james is going to k next year so that brings much anxiety for me. although for him its definately time to go to k since he was held back last year.

    patrick? i may skip preschool next year since he basically did it this year.

  4. I'm excited for Hannah to start PreK in the Fall. I'm going to miss having her with me on my days off (and acutally going with her to her parks and rec class). But I'm excited because I LOVED grade school. I'm hoping Hannah will too. I can't wait to have her come home and tell me what she learned.

    The hardest part is actually that Avery is going too. They have a nursery school for 2 year olds and it's just easier to have them both go to the same place. But she won't be able to go to the mommy and me classes on my day off. :(


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