Our Five Ring Circus: The Jesus Store

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Jesus Store

Dylan conned my mom into an impromptu shopping trip at the candy store, today.

He has been desperately trying to explain a drink to me for the past week. This drink is small, looks like a big, beer bottle, and is colorful. Hmmmm...couldn't figure that one out.

It figures that my dad immediately knew what he was talking about. Dylan wanted those wax candy bottles with juice inside.

Why, of course! Why didn't I think of that?!?!?

So off we went to get those wax candy bottles. We pulled in behind the candy store, and there was a huge statue of Jesus behind the building. Lexie immediately started pointing and waving. "Look! Jesus! Hi, Jesus!"

My mom pulled her out of her car seat, and said, "Where are we, Lexie?"

Lexie replied, " The Jesus store!"

We were laughing so hard that when we walked in, one of the ladies who works in the store, and knows my mom, asked what we were laughing at. Pretty soon, all the ladies working in the store were laughing.

Lexie quickly figured out where we really were, and didn't hesitate in picking out a candy necklace and bag of gummy lifesavers.

Dylan had his bag filled with wax bottles in no time...and a light up lollipop...and candy bugs...and a gummy snake...and flying saucers...and candy legos... Lexie, however, was happy with her two items.

I, of course, picked up a few things for myself and the hubby. For some reason, I can't stop snacking on my watermelon gummies as I type this.

The candy was forgotten the second she stepped out of the store. She began dragging me across the parking lot. "See Jesus, Mama!" So we went down to look at the Jesus statue.

She held my hand and stared at the statue, and then looked up at me with her ginormous brown eyes. "Mama, I hug Jesus?"

Seeing as the path to Jesus was blocked with gravestones on display, I told her to blow him a kiss, instead.

So she did.

From this day forward, our candy store will be known as "The Jesus Store. "

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  1. it is a wonderful feeling when our little ones recognize and love our Savior. good job to you as a mama for telling your little ones about the One to whomm they belong

  2. thats cute. i used to love those wax soda bottles too.

  3. Watermelon gummies are my favorite too! What a cute story to share!

  4. How sweet! :-)


  5. When Jesus said that we have to come to him as a little child??

    This is EXACTLY what he meant. :)

  6. Makes sense to me... A candy store is like a little piece of Heaven on Earth in my eyes!

  7. well, if I were taking SC to a candy store he would think it salvation!


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