Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, a fun blog carnival, created by MckMama. I've been out of commission for 3 days, thanks to a nasty cold/flu bug that I caught. I'm still a bit woozy, so I hope this is readable!

When I was resting on the couch this morning, Lexie did not wipe something that was on her finger, onto my lips. When I tasted the saltiness of it, and asked her what it was, she did not reply, "My nose, " and flash me a cute smile. My baby girl SO DID NOT feed me her snot.

I did not attempt my usual 3 miles on the treadmill this week, after taking a month long hiatus. I was not panting after 1 1/2 miles. I did not catch said sickness above, causing my 2 day workout streak to end.

When my parents stopped by to pick up Dylan, to take him somewhere, I did not bribe my angry daughter to come back inside, with the promise of cotton candy. I was not bummed out when my bag of cotton candy was gone.

I did not let my kids dip organic animal crackers into a tub of icing, because I was too weak to make them a proper lunch, and they were truly enjoying it!

I am not cursing McDonald's for handing out the Kidz Bop CD's in their happy meals. I have not listened to the "Superman" song 5000 times. It does not get played on repeat in the car. My kids do not know every word to the song.

I did not "trip" on cold medicine last night. The fan in my room *was* really a helicopter, and the room *was* spinning. I am not adding this current medicine to the list of medicines I can't take, because I'm a lightweight.

Dylan did not hit a line drive into my uterus. Husband did not laugh at me. I did not briefly wish it was Husband's man parts that had been hit. (Love ya, honey!) D has not been banned from using his real bat and baseball around the house, due to the fact that he hits entirely too hard for a kid his age. Our siding shows the proof of that. Thankfully, not the windows. Yet.

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  1. Yikes, it sounds like it has been a rough week! Feel better soon!

  2. Wow! She fed you snot, what a giver she is, huh?!
    Animal crackers in icing, that sounds super yummy to me!

  3. Awwww, these so made me smile! Loved the snot on your lips, although I'm sure YOU did NOT appreciate it. Ick! But hey, we moms all get something like that, right? My Cam (at 2 years old) didn't cut his OWN hair, he cut MINE!!! Yea...that was fun!

    Happy Monday!


  4. lol you don't want to know how many times our windows have been broken somehow involving basbeball bats or balls.

    hope you feel better soon.

    i have to meet up with you this summer. i will be around zelie more.

  5. LOL at the snot! Dylan is awesome at t-ball!


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