Our Five Ring Circus: Little Picasso

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Picasso

At 27 months old, Dylan first drew all over the walls in our hallway. It just so happened to be the day we brought Lexie home from the hospital. What a mess that was!

After that incident, there were only a few "mishaps." He drew a few lines on the sunporch walls, and colored on Lexie's first baby doll.

It seems fitting that at 27 months old, Lexie has become quite the little artist. I've found a few scribbles here and there..mainly on her toys. Then, tonight, as I was setting the alarm clock, I noticed the numbers looked really fuzzy. Upon closer inspection, I realized that she had colored all over the display, as well as the sides of the clock. NICE one! I'm afraid to inspect the rest of the house!

What is the best "masterpiece" your children have created...and not on paper? ;)

Guess it's time to hide the crayons!

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  1. Oh, memories. There was the time Gage 'applied' a half-full box of pantyliners all over the TV screen. That was a good one. And of course the time he colored on the computer screen with a black Sharpie. Ugh...the things these kids put us through!

    Love that pic of Lexie. :)

  2. Within 1-2 weeks of moving into our house when Connor was not quite 2 he got a hold of a sharpie. And proceeded to leave a design about 3ft x 3ft in size. It took 4 coats of paint to cover it. I was furious.

  3. Oh no! I have to hide the crayons from Trevor unless I'm watching him. He'll color all over everything and eventually start eating the crayons. Ugh...

  4. I came home from work and my baby boy proudly announced, "Round and round, Mommy!" He had colored big circles all over the kitchen floor and the door to the garage. Apparently, my husband had taken a short nap on the couch.

  5. Oh goodness. I remember permanent black marker all over our walls when we lived in a doublewide. Can't just paint over those type of walls. Ugggh.

    My brother when he was a little one drew all over my favorite dolls face with an ink pen. KILLED ME!!! Hmmph - brothers!

    So you want one of the kittens? I think Lexie would love it and it would distract her from her drawing on your stuff?! =0)

  6. LOL - the little Beast is a little Scribbler too! Better stock up on Magic Eraser... By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! You won my 100th post giveaway. It was the extra entry you earned as a follower that did it - so thank you for following! Email me your address at cari_berry@hotmail.com and I'll send off your prizes!


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