Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Happy Monday! It's time for a weekly therapy session, hosted by MckMama! This blog carnival is the reason I love Monday!

It wasn't me who spent two, glorious, child-free hours in Old Navy, on Saturday. I did not browse around the store, try on about 100 items of clothing, and leave the store with a week's worth of outfits and a new swimsuit for $115! Thank you Old Navy sale!

Shopping did not totally calm me down and make me feel refreshed and human again, after a very rough morning, caused by two, angry adults.

I did not learn a very valuable lesson this week: If your child has an unknown substance on their ankle, do not use your finger and spit to wash it off. It most likely is crap. Lesson learned. I did NOT learn this by tasting something odd in my mouth and then smelling my finger.

I am not ridiculously excited that Lexie has a real ponytail. It only took her 2 years, 4 months to grow it! ;)

Speaking of Lexie, she did not find her daddy's beavis and butthead figures, and take them to the grocery store with her. Nor would I let her.

I am not still in shock that my sister, my most anxious sibling, is in China! I'm not jealous at all!

I'm not the lucky gal who cashed $26 in checks, has a $20 check and $50 gift card to Old Navy on the way, received two awesome, very useful products in the mail to test, and has 4 bzzcampaigns going on. I do not love taking surveys and testing products.

I did not purchase the ringtone, Kryptonite (aka "The Superman Song"), just so I could watch my kids dance around when my phone rings. I'm really not that lame.

My lips did not rival Angelina Jolie's after Dylan hit a baseball straight into my mouth. I am not terrified to play baseball with him now.

As I was holding my best friend's absolutely adorable, but very hungry newborn son, I did not ask her if she wanted to go inside to eat her baby. She did not look at me like I was nuts, until I realized my mistake! He's pretty darn edible though! ;)

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  1. My son had a poop incident this weekend too. Nothing like scrubbing poop off of your carpet!!! Yuck. I hate poop!

  2. Lol! Great not me's. I had to laugh at the one about licking poop off your finger! Wow!

  3. How did I somehow miss such an awesome sale at Old Navy?!

  4. Beavis and Butthead, man I almost forgot about them! And Old Navy is my favorite, they always have amazing sales and I love the oldnavyweekly.com coupon hunt!

  5. I read the rest of your post with my tongue sticking out in disgust...oh ICK!!! I hope that NEVER happens to me!!!!! LOL

    2 years and 4 months for the pony eh? Dang, I still have a year to go!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. Great not me's!!
    shopping is such a relief isn't it!?!--
    congrats on the pony! :)

  7. lol, LOVE your post! I Cannot wait until I can put Cayleigh-Grace's hair up in a pony tail... I have a LONG way to go though!

  8. OH MY GOSH! Thanks so much for that advice, I will definitely use it in the future when I have children so I don't use my finger to clean up poop. I'd probably pass out.

  9. Seriously! Talk about an awesome day! Getting lots of new clothing AND going alone? That sets you up for an awesome week! Way to go!

  10. It took Riley about that long to get ponytails too. But you gotta admit that bald little girls and their sweet little "back of their necks" are just precious even without much hair. Right? I know Riley's nape of her neck was just the most darling little thing on her!

    Happy Monday. And oh yea...eww to licking poo! ha ha ha



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