Our Five Ring Circus: Computer Withdrawal

Friday, June 19, 2009

Computer Withdrawal

I have been without my computer for over 24 hours. Our laptop is being wiped clean as I write this. I actually had to come to my parent's house to get my internet fix. ;)

It should be back by the end of the weekend. And even better, it will have my Photoshop program on it, which has been sitting around my house for many months, not being used. I'm nervous about using a new photo editing program, but I know it's going to work much better than the one I have.

So what have I been doing without my trusty laptop? Well, I actually went to bed before midnight last night! And my floors are so clean I could eat a meal off of them. I even washed my baseboards. Need. Computer. Back. Now.

I'll be back to blogging on Sunday, hopefully!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I know how you feel! My work blocked blogger (sad, sad day for me) and now I have to try to fit it in when I'm at home. With a 2 year old I find that spare time is kinda hard to come by at the moment so I am having withdrawls myself. :o(

  2. I completely understand! Our internet has been giving us trouble, and I keep going into a panic thinking that we are going to be without service. Thankfully, that day hasn't come yet!


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