Our Five Ring Circus: Where were you when?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Where were you when?

It has been a long, surreal day.

At least it began and ended with happy news. My day began with a call from my dad, telling me that his cancer scans came back clear! YAY! The scans and treatment will be a several year long process, but it's great that no new tumors have popped up!

I was unable to get online all day, because our wireless network was acting up. I was so annoyed, so I slammed the laptop shut, and walked away...at least until my hubby came home at 10 pm (work function kept him late), and fixed it!

I felt so out of touch with the world. Grant had to text me the news that Farrah Fawcett died. I felt horrible about it, but it was expected.

While I'm on the topic of things that frustrate me, let me mention this one. I can't play baseball with my son anymore. He hits the ball too hard. In the past 2 weeks, I've been hit in my stomach, on the side of my face, and as of today, in the mouth. I have some Angelina Jolie-like lips to prove it. At least I didn't have to dish out hundreds of dollars for them. Thanks, Dylan. Time for mommy to buy a face mask...make that full body armor...so I can play baseball with you.

My sister brought three of my nephews over for a playdate with my kids. We attempted to stay outside, despite the unbearable heat, but of course, the boys made their way to Dylan's room. Where they proceeded in dumping out every. single. bin. Why they do that is beyond me. Dylan doesn't do that unless he's with them. I guess it could have something to do with the fact that they are 4-and-5 year old boys.

I spent 3 miserable hours cleaning up toys today.

Right after my sis left, she sent a text telling me that Michael Jackson was in cardiac arrest. Shortly after, I turned on the tv for some reason (I don't watch during the day), and watched the news develop that he died.

Now that was a shocker. Regardless of how weird MJ was, he was incredibly talented. It's crazy that two big celebreties died in one day. Very sad.

In our generation, his shocking death is the equivalent to what Elvis dying or JFK being shot was to previous generations. Some day, people will be asking, "Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died?"

Regardless of whether people liked him or not, this will be a day that people remember forever, due to him being "The King of Pop."

So, enough about Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, my anger at my previously non-working computer, and my gigantic fish lips....

Congratulations to my friend, Stephanie, who welcomed her new baby boy into the world tonight! A new blessing is a great way to end the day!

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  1. Wow...what a crazy day. Awesome news about your dad...sorry to hear about baseball & picking up toys.

    I agree on where were you when. It'll be the same thing with Princess Diana. I'll always remember that too...

  2. It was a crazy day. Don't forget Ed McMahon dies this week too. I guess these things happen in 3's. Sorry he smacked you in he lips. That stinks. The good news is, maybe he'll go pro and support you in your older age! Ha! About the toys. That also stinks, but being 3, 4, & 5 I would have had a fun game of clean 'em up before they left!! I am not about to do all that myself!

  3. What a day you had!!!! I still am in shock about Michael Jackson ... Farrah was expected, but MJ is a legend in my eyes! Take care of those lips and do something relaxing for yourself this weekend!

  4. That's funny, as we watched all the breaking news and the constant media coverage last night, I told Cameron and Riley --- you'll remember this day forever. They looked at me kinda funny and I explained that this was something BIG. Kinda like when Princess Di passed away.

  5. Ok your day compares with my craziest day ever and with Zack, I was pretty sure we were so far up the crazy list, nobody would ever catch us. You did.

    And I can't believe YOU picked up all the toys. You're more understanding than me!


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