Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

After taking a few weeks off, I am more than ready to write this Not Me! Monday post. Visit MckMama's blog for more Not Me! Monday posts!

I did not walk into the bathroom to find Dylan putting my deodorant on, because he wanted his arm pits to smell pretty.

It's not me who is cutting a half inch off my hair every few days, hoping to ease into my upcoming shorter haircut!

When I asked Lexie what letter I had just written on a piece of paper, she did not proudly announce, "Purple!"

I did not vomit just a little bit in my mouth upon overhearing my mom and her best friend talking about how women aren't cleaning their "innerds" properly. My sister's mother in law did not turn to me and ask me if they were talking about roasting chicken, causing me to fall out of my chair laughing. My sisters and I did not joke about cleaning our "innerds" the rest of the day.

My mom did not drop olives on the floor, then walk away, telling me to clean up after her. My sister did not start laughing at me. I did not turn around and whip said olives at her head.

It wasn't me who whooped my mom's butt in Rum this week. I did not score almost 1000 points more than her because she wouldn't give up.

I did not make my dad stop at the outlet mall on our way back from a day trip. I did not need a shopping fix in the middle of a long drive. He did not oblige, just because he can't say no to me. ;)

The dessert table at the memorial day picnic? I did not hit it up 4 times.

Ahhh...it feels good to be back!

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  1. LOL You seriously have me laughing. Too funny! The olives really cracked me up.

  2. too funny. its good to joke with your family.

  3. I think I would have chucked the olives at her too!

    And um, just let me say, EWWWWWW about the innard cleaning. Ew.

  4. Well, now really, who doesn't want their armpits to smell pretty? :)

  5. Unfortunately I probably would have hit the table 12 times....I have a serious weakness for dessert!

  6. I like you first and foremost because Twilight is on your fav. books. Your NM's are great too:) Innerds... he he he...

  7. Can I be apart of your family. I am laughing hysterically sitting at my desk! I'm pretty sure my coworkers think I'm nuts! :)

  8. Ha! Sounds like something my Mom would talk about! Too funny!!!

  9. Great post. Thanks for the laugh!

    visiting from MckMamma

  10. I LOVE your Not Me's! That olive thing was hillarious! THanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your Not Me Monday!

  11. Great post!! Had me laughing out loud!

  12. So funny! I like the letter purple. My son has number "B's" and letter "two's."

  13. The "innerds" conversation is hilariouis!

  14. Haha! Your family sounds hillarious and I loved the "Purple" answer! :)

  15. love it!!! you know they just don't run those awkward not so fresh feeling commercials enough these days...that woud just sole all the innard issues :)


  16. Yes! That was all awesome! I love random body talk and stuff!
    How cute was Dylan putting on your deoderant!? what a precious story!

  17. Those were great! Okay...you seriously need to remove the spider pic. Creepy!!!

  18. I really got a laugh out of your NM's!

    Your blog is so cute, could it be the darling kids?!

    Oh, so glad you took down the spidey pix!



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