Our Five Ring Circus: Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Dylan's class is celebrating Dr. Seuss this week. Today was Wacky Wednesday. The kids were supposed to wear wacky clothes to school!

Dylan was all over this. He has been asking for over a week if it was time for Wacky Wednesday yet. He had his outfit planned out, but told me it was going to be a surprise. The only hint he gave me was that he was going to wear his Spiderman pajama pants, a shoe, and a slipper.

I had to laugh when he came out in his wacky outfit. Leave it to my preppy boy to go with a button down shirt, sweater vest, and tie!

Lexie wanted her picture taken, too, and Dylan insisted that Lexie pose with him.

I really hope they love each other this much when they are older. They are so good to each other!

Dylan was so excited to go to school in his wacky clothes, and see what his classmates were wearing!

He was even more excited when he found out that he got to bring the class pet home today! He has been waiting anxiously for his turn. The real class pet is a fish, so they have a stuffed dog in a soft carrier that each student gets to take home, and record their adventures with.

He didn't bother too much with Princess, other than to introduce her to Lexie and Grant, and to show me her bed, treats, toys, and dog bone. But tonight, at bed time, Dylan put her bed next to his pillow and covered Princess up with his blanket. Later, when I went in to check on him, I found this:

He's doing a fine job taking care of the class pet!


  1. He put together his wacky outfit on his own? Great job!! I totally cringed when it was mismatch day last week at Buddy's school. I have a hard time not matching. LOL

    What a sweet, sweet picture that last one is!

  2. He did a super job picking out his Wacky Wardrobe but I hope the twitching it gave me stops soon...lol! I was the momma who matched the pacifier ribbon to the dress that matched the hair bow that matched the socks that matched the bottle. Seriously -- she was a bottle baby and I had pastel and primary Evenflo bottles so I could make sure she matched. I've warped her really I have. She may only wear jeans, T-shirts & flip flops most of the time but they will all match that's for sure!

    Oh and the picture of them hugging - so incredibly sweet!

  3. Cute! That boy ROCKS wacky! He can come be wacky on our wacky day here anytime~~

  4. I love his wacky outfit! It sounds like he really loves his sister...and it looks like it too!

  5. cute and wacky outfit....lol.

  6. What a sweet picture! I love Dr. Seuss week ... so fun! When I knew I pregnant, the first book I bought was "The Places You'll Go."

  7. Awww those pictures are so cute! I love the outfit Dylan picked out. Two thumbs up for the sweater vest thrown in there.


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