Our Five Ring Circus: The Art Of (not) Getting Sick

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Art Of (not) Getting Sick

Dylan woke up this morning with a bad cough and a stuffy nose. It came on quickly!

Being sick doesn't even remotely slow him down. He hardly ever gets sick, and when he does, he bounces back quickly. Even with his cough, he was acting completely normal.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the playdate with my best friend and her boys. I haven't seen her since she became a stay at home mom. We were supposed to get together last Thursday, but her oldest son was sick. I really wish they could have come over, but I would feel so guilty if her kids got sick, especially the baby!

We have had some beautiful weather this past week. Today, it was well over 70 in the sun. It felt AMAZING. I opened the windows, put my plants on the front porch, and dressed the kids in short sleeves.

Even though Dylan had a cough, I took the kids outside. I figured the fresh air would be good for him!

I decided to do some preparation for the warmer weather, and began by putting up the swings. Dylan and Lexie were so excited to have their swings back!

Then, I began the dreaded chore of the season: scooping up the poo! This year was the WORST! We had dog poop buried under 3 feet of snow for a month. Keep in mind, one of our dogs is bigger than I am. I don't think I need to say any more. The warm sun shining down on me helped just a bit.

Our yard is a mud pit from all the melting snow. That's the worst part of when Spring hits. I tried to convince the kids to stay on the swingset or ride their bikes in the driveway, to minimize the mess. They still ended up getting filthy!

We decided to go on a stroll through the neighborhood. I could tell that Dylan wasn't at his best, because he wanted to go back home rather quickly. Our walk was cut short, but that's okay.

He spent the rest of the afternoon resting while I cleaned the attic, and pulled the bags of warmer weather clothes out. Thanks to clearance sales last year, I have quite a bit to work with!

I am positive that Dylan will be feeling completely better by this weekend.

My kids have been blessed with great immune systems, and very rarely get sick. They definitely did not get this from me! I seem to catch all the colds that are going around!

Lexie had one bad illness in her three years of life-roseola on her first birthday. This is a surprise, because her Neutropenia makes her more prone to catching infections.

Dylan has only had two notable illnesses. The flu at 14 months, and the high fever and cough that he had in September.

Other than that, they get a very mild illness about twice a year...these illnesses never slow them down, and go away quickly. Dylan got a stuffy nose last month, and it was literally gone in less than 24 hours. He is the only kid in his class who hasn't missed a day of school yet!

Sick visits and medications are a rarity here. Lexie has only been on antibiotics once for an ear infection as a baby, and Dylan has been on them three times-twice for an ear infection as a baby, and once this past September.

I know we are blessed in this department. On the other hand, I could write a novel on rashes, eczema, diarrhea from a food allergy, picky eating, and nutritional deficiencies. Life is never perfect!

Well, except for now. This weather feels pretty darn perfect.


  1. You are so lucky that your kids don't ever really get sick. The past few months have been the worst in that department for us!!

    Here's to SPRING and NO more germs!!!!!

  2. We have been having the best weather here too! My boys played outside yesterday and got filthy playing in a mud puddle!

  3. Here's to more sunshine! I think we all just need a little Vitamin D!

  4. Thank goodness the snow is gone! Welcome, Spring! (Of course, now we're due like five days of rain, ugh.)

    I hope Dylan is better soon! I love seeing pics of your adorable kids.

  5. It was beautiful here yesterday too!!

    I'm so jealous that your kids rarely get sick. You are very lucky!

  6. mary got very sick (enough to go to an ER) every other week for 5 years..literally!

    the rest (except for Sofia's ear infections) are hardly ever sick. we really haven't had any major illness in maybe 3 years. I think its all that dirt that boys injest that keeps them healthy...lol.

    oh and in the dog department...oh my! I could never handle kids poo AND dog poo. I would be looking at poo all day long.... this is why I have no desire to get a dog.

  7. This winter has been the worst for us, as far as being sick goes. It always amazes me how much energy these kids still have when they're sick though. Aidyn still runs circles around me and when I'm sick I just want to hide under my blankets until I'm better!! :)

    I'm so jealous you were all able to wear short sleeves outside! We've had nicer weather but definitely not that nice yet. I'm ready to move somewhere warmer!

  8. So glad you are getting some nice spring weather! Hope Dylan is already in tip top shape, too.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Hope Dylan feels better soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. What a great, sweet post. Lexie and Dylan both looked like they were enjoying the amazing weather. Dog poop? Consider yourself lucky, sort of...We have a little lake behind us in which geese live. How lovely, we thought. Well, their honking is worse than snoring, and the poop all over the place...especially after the babies are born...Enjoy the beginning of spring! (and continue to keep those kids healthy if you can!)


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