Our Five Ring Circus: Countdown To 30

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Countdown To 30

Today began the last month of my twenties. In just one short month, I'll be turning 30!

I'm okay with that. It's just a number.

In many ways, I still feel so young. There are times when I feel as if I'm just a girl that's pretending to be a mom. It helps that I'm the baby of the family, and tend to look younger than what I really am! No matter how old I get, I'll always be the baby! ;) And someday, I will thank my mom for passing on her good (aging) genes!

My twenties were good! I got married at 20, bought my first house and had Dylan at 24, had Lexie at 26, and I have spent the last few years enjoying life as a stay at home mom.

I'm looking forward to my 30's, and hoping there are good things in store for me!


Here are a few cute Tuesday Tidbits for this week:

Lexie told me, "I'm very sick. My eyes have eczema on them."

I am addicted to lip balm (and have passed that on to Lexie-oops). I have a container of vaseline in living room, because that's what works best. I mentioned the other day that my lips were dry, and I really needed to grab my lip balm. Dylan ran over with my vaseline, and said, "Here, mommy! Here's your gasoline!"

The other day, out of the blue, Lexie pointed to her tongue and said, "This is my tongue! It says balalalalalalalalalala!"

My dad told Dylan to put on his hat before going outside. He replied, "I can't put on my hat! My hair is spiked!"

Lexie accidentally ran into Dylan the other morning, and instead of yelling at her, Dylan said, "It was nice running into you!"

I say a simple prayer with Lexie and Dylan before they go to bed every night. I was having a terrible day on Friday, and took my kids to bed with me for a sleepover. Dylan leaned over me, and began saying the prayer that I say with them every night. "Dear God, Please watch over my mommy..." And then Lexie joined in and finished the prayer with him. That incredibly touching moment will never be forgotten.

I felt the love! If I keep experiencing moments like this, my thirties are going to rock!


  1. Your 30's sound like they will be wonderful - what a great way to start them off!

  2. 30 (or twenty-ten) wasn't too terrible, and now that I'm twenty-eleven, I can say that the 30's aren't so bad.

    LOL at "gasoline". Too cute!

  3. How sweet!!! I love that!!! I pray the same prayer over my kids that my mom prayed over me every day of my life as a child :) It's something that will stick with them!

  4. My hubby and I are both turning thirty in a few months and I am a little worried about it! I don't want to feel old yet?!? I love the "nice running into" things...so cute!

  5. Thirty wasn't bad...heck, 45 is great! Especially since someone told me yesterday they thought I was 32. Hot damn! And you know how I was introduced to my 30s? By someone telling me that technically I was turning 30 but was beginning m 31st year since you begin your 1st year at birth. They didn't get any cake.

  6. It's something that will stick with them!
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  7. your kiddies are so cute!!
    I know your 30's will be great!!

  8. I feel like that all the time! There is no way this little girl could be a MOM! lol. As always, love the tidbits, your little ones are so sweet. The prayer story is priceless!

  9. Happy Birthday month! :) My hubby turns 30 this year and is freaking out about it. My mom says her 30s were her favorite time of her life!

    Your kiddos say the cutest stuff!

  10. Oh I bet your 30's will be just as great as your 20's. I love getting older because I feel like each year brings something better and more fun then the year before!! :)


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