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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I am linking up with Rachel, at Once Upon A Miracle, for True Story Tuesday. Please, do yourself a favor, and check out her blog. She keeps me laughing!

My story takes place in late March of 2004. Actually, some of it takes place on this very day, 6 years ago. I was newly pregnant with Dylan at the time (very new...as in, hadn't even missed my period yet), and had no idea. My dad, my Aunt Jackie, and I took a road trip to Virginia to visit my sister and her family. My sister didn't know we were coming, which made it even more exciting.

My first sign that I was pregnant should have been the stop at McDonald's, on the way. I practically ordered everything off the menu. Seriously. And I don't even like fast food. I couldn't get enough. A complete meal, yogurt parfait, a milkshake...as I sat down and began to devour my food, my Aunt Jackie looked at me and asked if I was pregnant. "No way!" I insisted. We weren't even trying.

Sadly, that weekend was the very last weekend that I was ever hungry during either of my pregnancies. After that, I was plagued with extreme morning sickness that wouldn't let up, and wouldn't allow me to eat.

When we arrived in my sister's neighborhood, my Aunt Jackie and I dove onto the floor of the car, so she wouldn't see us. It was my aunt's birthday, and mine was a few days away, so my sister never expected us to be there. My dad went inside, greeting my sister and his grandson.

A few minutes later, I tiptoed around the house, and knocked on her patio door. My sister saw me, and began shrieking and jumping around the house. She finally let me in, and as she was hugging me, the doorbell rang. She ran to get it, and was so shocked to see Aunt Jackie at the door. I have never seen her that excited before!

And so began a fun weekend of partying with my sister and my aunt. I'm not a drinker, so it's very ironic that I chose that weekend to have a few drinks. (I was so freaked out after I found out I was pregnant, but my doctor assured me that I was fine.)

We had the best time! We stayed up late talking, spent hours at Mexican restaurant (where I devoured even more food, which prompted my aunt to ask me again if I was pregnant) sipping margaritas, and just enjoyed a great "birthday" weekend together. Really, it was one of the most fun weekends of my life!

Which brings me to the second thing that should have made me think I was pregnant.

My aunt and I were sharing the queen size bed, in the guest room. No big deal. I love her, she's awesome, I'm completely comfortable with her. There's this thing, though. I prefer sleeping in a fitted tee shirt or camisole and my underwear. I didn't sweat it. I can easily keep my pajamas on when sharing a room.

Only this time, I couldn't. Apparently, I got so hot in the middle of the night, that I stripped off all my clothing. All but my underwear...which happened to be a thong. That morning, I woke up, and was mortified. I was laying on top of the covers, almost completely naked. My aunt was still asleep, so I threw my clothes on and pretended like it never happened.

She never said a word.

So I asked her, later that day, if she saw anything. She assured me that she didn't, but I'm not sure if that's possible. I frequently beg her to tell me if she saw anything, and she just shakes her head. I even asked at Lexie's birthday party last month, and she still denied seeing anything. The only response she gives me, is, "I knew you were pregnant that weekend. I knew it!"

Perhaps she didn't see anything. Perhaps her possible hangover made her think that she was dreaming. Perhaps she'll take it to the grave.

I don't think I'll ever know.


  1. Hehehe. Aunts are terrific :o) That sounds like a wonderful surprise for your sister!

  2. LOL! Sounds like a fun weekend...and an awesome suprise!

  3. Hahahaha! Great story! When I was preggo with both of mine, devouring a boatload of food should have been my first sign, too...with Ellis, I ate an entire 8 piece fried chicken bucket by myself!!!! LOL. And I also had several negative pregnancy tests with him, so I too enjoyed a couple of daquiris without knowing I was pregnant. Say what you will, but I'd say he's pretty normal despite the alcohol. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. too funny.

    I have also had experiences where I wanted to order everything on fast food menus and eat it all and kept thinking hmmmm am I pregnant or what? LOL.

    there have been times when my dh and others have taken one look at me and said..YOU'RE PREGNANT! apparently I look different when I am pregnant...lol. Dh also did that with 2 other ladies we know too. he just looked at them and said, you're pregnant, aren't you? They kept denying it but yes...they were pregnant too but didn't want to tell! Maybe certain people actually do look different/smell different?? when they are pregnant.

  5. ha ha ha what a great story!!! You will never know if she say anything!

  6. she sounds like an awesome aunt!!

  7. LOL!!

    I've been that hot a couple times in my life. First, when I had bronchitis while in high school. My fever would get so high during the night and then break, that I would strip down to completely naked.

    Second, when I was taking clomid while trying to conceive Buster, I would suffer from severe hot flashes. It was terrible.

    What a great aunt and a great story!!

  8. Over from Rachel & Mr. Daddy's place. I love the story. I'm an Aunt Crazy and it's so great to have an awesome aunt.

  9. Well, if she woke up after you maybe she didn't see anything. Even if she did...who cares! We all have the same parts...it's not like it wa your uncle, right??? LOL

  10. Well, if she does take her secret to the grave she is one classy lady! And I am cracking up that she kept asking if you were pg. Not only classy, but smart!

  11. great story, you sound just like my Rach. the not knowing just about kills her.....LOL


    I was just going to say that "not knowing for sure just drives me nuts", then I saw my husband's comment right above mine!

    Sooo true - I will ask until I'm blue in the face if I suspect something, LOL.

    So funny that you stripped down. Everyone told me that once I was in the delivery room, I'd lose all modesty. Would you believe I NEVER DID? I wouldn't even let my poor husband down at the business end, ha ha.

    So this story definitely cracks me up!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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