Our Five Ring Circus: D is for Dog

Friday, March 5, 2010

D is for Dog

Dylan had to take Princess back to school today. He was actually very sad about it, which surprised me!

He asked me if Princess would get to come home with him again, and I told him that she probably wouldn't have enough time to visit all his classmate's houses again. He seemed genuinely sad that he wouldn't get to bring her home again.

I cheered him up by promising to take his picture with Princess before school.


Before handing Princess over to his teacher he had to tell Princess that he really loves her and will miss her. How sweet is he?!?

Today, our real dog turned 5. The kids celebrated Bailey's birthday by giving her a chewy bone and singing Happy Birthday to her. They wanted to know why she didn't get a cake!

5 doesn't sound very old, but it is a big number for a Great Dane. The average life expectancy for a Dane is 7-10 years.

She is most definitely spoiled. Our bed is her new favorite location.


Everybody thought we were crazy to get another Dane after our last one died unexpectedly, at the age of 2. They thought we were even crazier for adding a puppy to the family after we had a baby.

But she fits in perfectly. She and Dylan grew up together, and she is amazing with kids. I can't imagine life without our gentle giant.


  1. Dylan is such a sweet boy!

    Happy B-day Bailey. I love Great Danes. They truly are gentle giants!

  2. Happy Birthday To That Gentle Giant ha ha :) And yes dylan is such a sweet little man, how cute is he!

  3. He's gonna make such a terrific daddy someday. And happy birthday to Bailey!

  4. Happy Birthday Bailey!! She is a very beautiful color.


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