Our Five Ring Circus: Spring Is In The Air

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

The days are getting longer. The sun is getting warmer. The temperatures are climbing. We are thrilled!

I'm still dealing with a lot of stress right now, which is bringing on headaches and sleeplessness, but the sun is definitely lifting my spirits. I had a bit of a reality check yesterday morning and this morning, which made me realize that despite the stress, I am incredibly grateful for what I have. My heart is heavy for those who are dealing with losing a loved one.

I've been so busy the past two days, that I didn't have a chance to really relax until late tonight.

Yesterday, we were on the run for almost 12 hours. I left the house at 8 AM, and had stuff to do until nearly 7:00 PM. It was a good day, though. Dylan had a field trip at Petco, so Lexie and I had a chance to shop together. Lexie found her Easter dress, and it is gorgeous! I tried on a lot of clothes at American Eagle, and realized that a) everything was too short, b) everything showed too much cleavage, and c) I am really liking the muscles in my legs from running! Lexie told me I looked so beautiful in everything I tried on. I think she was just buttering me up to buy her a toy. ;) I had a gift card, so I finally left with a cute shirt, dress, and a tank top to go underneath both (gotta hide the cleavage while picking D up at school...and, well...for almost everything in my daily life)! We then went to a playdate at the home of one of Dylan's classmates. I really enjoy talking to the mom, and Lexie and her youngest child, who are the same age, have a great time together. I'm bummed that Dylan and his friend will go to different schools next year, but am hoping that they remain friends. We visited my sister and nephews for a few hours after that, then stopped at Subway for some takeout. I had no urge to cook after a day like that!

Today, was gorgeous. I woke up to bright sun and chirping birds! It was warm enough that we could ditch the winter coats, and the kids got to play outside, which was a big bonus!

We visited my parents and Benno today. On the way to their house, we ran into a bit of a roadblock.

Lexie warmed up really quickly to Benno. Her first reaction when she saw him today was to shriek and run away screaming, because she expected Papa to open the door. Within minutes, she was sitting in Benno's lap! She is now completely in love with him!

Benno entertained us with his magic tricks. I am so impressed. He is really good! I made him perform several of his tricks over and over again, hoping I could figure out how he does them, but had no luck! The kids kept asking for more.

We stayed for dinner, and my oldest sister stopped by to join us. My kids adore her. She is like a big kid, and is so good to them. She wore Easter bunny ears, and delivered some Easter treats. Of course, being the dental technician she is, she had to toss toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss, and lip balms into their baskets.

We spent hours outside this afternoon. The 3 feet of snow is almost completely gone at my house, but there is still quite a bit at my parent's house. It didn't stop the kids from soaking up the sun! Lexie was filthy by the time we went inside!

Dylan was the first to go inside. The play ended rather abruptly for Lexie. She kicked a beach ball across the yard, ran after it, stopped in her tracks, and said, "I'm going to go see what's for dinner." She walked away without another word, and went inside, leaving my dad and I staring at each other and laughing.

The past two days have been a nice change from the long, cold, dreary winter days we've been having.

We are looking forward to Spring!


  1. I laughed and laughed at Lexie's "dinner" comment... she is a hoot and a holler!

    And when do we get to see vid clips of Benno's tricks?

    And I am a wee bit envious that you said "cleavage". Cuz most chicks would *love* to have to buy clothes to cover that up.

    Oops - sorry. I hope your week gives you a chance for some R&R as the spring weather warms up! :)

  2. We have had great weather today... it was sunny and 75, crazy to think just yesterday it was probably in the low 40's and storming rain was passing through.

    I hope you get to feeling better!!!

  3. Spring is definitely in the air!

  4. I loved hearing the birds chirp yesterday. It got me thinking about all the fun things we can do soon. It sounds like you had a very productive day as well and the kids look so cute.

  5. Im with rachel. I guess it's cleavage envy! Ha! Spring can't arrive fast enough as far as I'm concerned. I feel like I need some sun and vitamin D to lift my spirits too!

  6. Food distracts me like that too :)

    I hear ya on the 'style' as of late. I need some new tops and I'm scared to go shopping. Me and my 'girls' like the cold cuz we get to stay covered up!

  7. That is one busy day!!! Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of playing though :)

    I can't wear american eagle either! I love Express but it is so darn expensive. I actually got a few cute things at H and M yesterday :)

    It is raining here today but I am hoping it melts a lot more of the snow!! We can wish right! I want the sun shinning here like it is there.

  8. That Lexie is a pistol. Apparently you can call her what you want as long as you don't forget to call her to dinner!

    It's so gray, foggy and dreary here and has been for three days now. NOT good for the mental well-being of people with stress in their lives - trust me I know.

    Positive energy and blessings being sent to you & yours!

  9. i think cleavage would be a good thing...maybe not at preschool though...lol.

  10. LOL at Rachel's comment about cleavage. So true.

    It was 58 degrees here yesterday when I left work to go home. Amazing. I am certainly enjoying these warmer temps. We have rain today though, so no sun.

  11. I'm so glad spring is finally starting to show up!!

    LOL to the roadblock...hope you get some rest soon :)

  12. I can't wait to see Lexie's dress! I agree with American Eagle most of the time. Except I have no cleavage, so that is not a problem for me!!
    Loving the spring feeling here too!

  13. This was great. The photos really told the story. I like Rachel's comment "And when do we get to see vid clips of Benno's tricks?"

    Notice I've ignored the comment about "cleavage" er, um...

    I am so glad to see spring coming, too.


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