Our Five Ring Circus: The Awkward Phase

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Awkward Phase

Oh, the dreaded awkward phase. Every kid goes through it. Dylan is just going through it sooner than I anticipated.

Let's face it. He's tall. He's ridiculously skinny. The pants and shirts that he wore through fall and winter were baggy on him, and worked wonders at covering up just how awkward he looked.

Every so often, when he would put on a fitted pair of pajamas, we'd catch a glimpse of that awkwardness.

It really emerged on Sunday, when he put on shorts and a tee shirt for the first time. There's no hiding those overly long and skinny limbs anymore. When I first caught a glimpse of him on Sunday, I immediately thought of a foal, that hasn't quite grown into it's legs yet.

My little man is growing up. He not a baby anymore, but not quite a big kid. Hence, the awkward, in-between phase.

He's still pretty darn cute, though.

As Lexie likes to say, "Super Duper Pooper Scooper cute."

Let me sound that out for you. "Supah Dupah Poopah Scoopah cuuuuuute!"

That must mean he's really cute. Awkward limbs and all.


  1. Awhhh yes...iy yi yi...my little 5 year old was short and chubby this fall/winter and all of a sudden has shot right up...cry! =)

  2. They just grow up so quickly...My Will is like that now. He is so much taller than other 2 year olds and often gets mistaken for older.

    Guess you will be buying lots of clothes for your little guy!

  3. My son Ethan (9) has been going through this too (for the past 2 yrs). He is just skin & bones. He always has to wear slims w/ the adjustable buttons inside to make them even slimmer! We finally talked him into wearing shorts last year. I hope he grows out of it soon and becomes okay w/ his skinniness!

    I think Dylan is a cutie pie!!! They just grow up too fast. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

  4. Yes he is cute! Awkwardness and all!

  5. lol a few of my kids are just like that too.

  6. My son is tall and skinny too. :)

    I think it is precious what your daughter says about your son!


  7. yeah...the awkward stage...I can hardly wait {that was sarcasm}


  8. He is tall! Poor kids. It must stink going through those phases. Luckily we probably don't reatin those memories! It stinks when they are tall and skinny. The clothes never seem sto fit right. I have Nate's pants all the way on the tightest adjustable wait thing and they are still falling down, but if I put him in 2T they are like capris on the kid! I feel your pain!

  9. He is handsome. And after all we all are a little awkward sometimes even as we grow up!

  10. He is cute! And I love "super duper pooper scooper cute." :)

    Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  11. Awww. Better now than later!!

  12. Yes, he is definitely super duper pooper scooper cute!!!

    And how come I can't have an awkward phase like that??? :)

  13. It is always interesting to me as a teacher to watch children go through these phases. We as humans are truly each so different and unique, yet all pass through these phases. It is neat to watch!

  14. Awww! My hubby was sooo skinny and tall when he was younger. He towered over other kids in his class. Now he is 6'3" and has muscled up all that skinniness.
    I think Dylan will do the same!

  15. He is so cute! They grow up so quickly, I know.

    Love your blog picture at the top... the froggie one is my favorite :-)


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