Our Five Ring Circus: Rainy Days

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy Days

We were spoiled by the beautiful weather last week. It has been raining since Friday afternoon. It has been very blah outside, and we were cooped up all weekend.

On Friday, Dylan had a stuffed animal "dog show" at school. His class focused on pets all week. The week started with a field trip to Petco and ended with the annual dog show. This week they will be collecting pennies to donate to a local animal shelter.

Dylan decided to take in his giant, stuffed dog. He got it from his Grandma, at the age of 2, when Lexie was born. Sure enough, it was the biggest dog in class. He thinks big. After all, his real pet dog is a Great Dane!


While Dylan was at school, Lexie and I went shopping. I picked up a few toys for their Easter baskets (on the sly!), and we bought a small gift for Dylan. Dylan's quick thinking that morning saved Lexie from falling completely down the basement stairs and getting hurt, and we thought he deserved something special. Poor Lexie tripped while walking down the stairs, and began sliding down, headfirst, on her belly. It was a very scary moment to witness, because I couldn't reach her in time, but Dylan quickly sat down and blocked the steps, and managed to stop her from falling the entire way down.

On Friday evening, we had dinner with my mom and then played a few games. My mom and I usually play games once a week. We love Quiddler and Yahtzee!

Saturday began with wonderful news-we found a home for my horse! I was so relieved! Since it was pouring down rain, I was able to finish a big project I have been working on. I turned the bottom shelf in our hall closet into an art shelf.

I put all of the playdoh, moon sand, and clay into a big crate so it can be easily pulled out, and put all the crayons/markers/colored pencils into a storage container. That bin, the paper, and the coloring books are all in easy reach. All of the other stuff is separated into bins behind the stack of paper and coloring books. I hid the messier art supplies (paint!) out of sight!

I was so happy to finish that project, and the kids really like having access to their art supplies.

On Saturday evening, we had Grant's dad and Nannie over for dinner. Grant's mom is in Florida, and his dad is getting bored, so we figured we'd have him over. I hardly ever have a "formal" dinner, but it was fun! It was nice to actually use the china we got as a wedding gift!

After they left, Grant and I enjoyed a lazy night, and watched a movie together. We stayed up entirely too late, but luckily, we all slept in! The kids weren't even affected by the time change. We did, however, almost forget to turn the clocks ahead! Grant's 85 year old Nannie had to remind us!

We spent another lazy afternoon at home before going to Nannie's for dinner. It was nice not to have anywhere to go this weekend. The next few weekends are completely booked!

Dylan is almost completely better. His cough was gone by Friday morning, and he only has a slightly runny nose now. Lexie woke up with a stuffy nose and low fever this morning. Hopefully she is able to get over it as quickly as Dylan did!

It looks like we're in for another day of rain tomorrow, but it's supposed to be sunny on Tuesday! I can't wait for Spring!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend!!

    That picture of Dylan is too cute. I love that doggy!

  2. Sounds like our weekend! Eli was in his jammies all day Saturday and Brynne was in hers all day yesterday. We've been couped up, too, so we are ready to get out today, if to do nothing but go grocery shopping!
    Have a great week!

  3. Dylan is a quick thinker! Our stairs always scare me too...I'm always afraid Eli is going to just tumble all the way down! I hope the rain leaves quickly and you get some sun!

  4. I have to admit I am so jealous of your relaxing weekend, mine was fun of wedding "fun" and I am POOPED!!

  5. That was so sweet of Dylan. Will we be seeing you guys on Saturday?


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