Our Five Ring Circus: True Story Tuesday and a Few Tidbits

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

True Story Tuesday and a Few Tidbits

I'm joining in at Once Upon A Miracle for True Story Tuesday!

I'm going to head back to the summer of 2005. Dylan was around 7 months old at the time, and our Great Dane pup had just arrived a few weeks earlier.

Dylan and our puppy, Bailey, quickly became the best of friends. Dylan thought his big puppy was amusing, and Bailey loved the tiny puffs that Dylan dropped on the floor for her. Either way, they were inseparable.

One warm, sunny morning, I plopped Dylan in his jumperoo so I could finish the dishes.

As I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I heard a lot of giggling coming from the next room. I smiled to myself, thinking how awesome that sound was. And then the smell hit me. The most terrible stench I've ever smelled was wafting into the kitchen. I stopped what I was doing, and walked into the living room.

At first glance, everything appeared to be normal. Dylan had a huge grin on his sunlit face, and the puppy was under the jumperoo licking his feet. But there was still that horrible smell.

With a feeling of dread, I walked closer. And then I saw it. Dylan had diarrhea running down both legs. The puppy was happily licking it off of him. Upon closer inspection, I realized the puppy was covered in liquid poo.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I watched in shock as the fun continued.

At the precise moment where I began to lose my sanity, the doorbell rang. I was so relieved to see my dad standing at the door. He decided to stop over and see his beloved grandson. Talk about perfect timing! I looked at him, and began laughing hysterically, and then crying. I could barely explain what was going on.

My Dad walked into the living room and burst out laughing! Which made Dylan laugh harder, and the puppy start jumping around, splashing poo everywhere.

It took almost an hour to clean up that disgusting mess. Thankfully, it was much easier with my dad's assistance!

Moral of the story? Jumperoos and diarrhea are not a good combination! And dogs are gross.


I have a few Tuesday Tidbits for today. It's another Lexie edition. My girl is absolutely hilarious!

On St. Patrick's Day, Lexie overheard Dylan greet me with a "Happy St. Patrick's Day, Mommy!" A few minutes later, she proudly announced, "Happy Spongebob Day!!!"

Lexie walked up to me this weekend, and opened her mouth wide. I asked her what she was doing. She told me, "I ate candy. See the candy in my stomach?"

For some reason, Lexie refers to bath towels as paper towels. I continuously correct her, and she continuously calls them paper towels.

Yesterday, she wanted to go outside and play baseball. She told me, "Let's Play baseball! I'm the batter and you are the ball!"


  1. That's so funny! I hope I never have that happen though lol!

  2. I totally would have lost it!!! Your dad had to have been a lifesaver!

    You know the whole "lose one sense and the others become sharper" thing? Who the heck wants to lose their hearing and have their NOSE take up the slack??? The smell would have tested my resolve, LOL.

    You are a saint!

    But I have to say, that gives all new meaning to the word "puppy breath"... ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I agree dogs are gross!! EWWW!! Thank goodness you had Dad there to help though...ugh. What are Dad's for anyway? HA!

    Super cute Happy Spongebob Day! =)

  4. OMG!! I think I probably would have thrown up.

    Lexie is so funny!!

    You need to post some pictures of your dogs! I want to see Bailey.

  5. Okay that is way to gross to be reading while I am eating breakfast! I would have cried for sure!

  6. what is it with jump a roos and popping? that happened to us too but thankfully our dog did not lick it up...that would be awful!
    glad your dad was there to help though!

  7. ewww gross. sounds like something a dog would do though.

  8. I laughed allll the way through that post.

    Ironman spat up constantly until he was 1 yr old, and boy were we thankful for a dog back then! We never had a poopscapade, but she ate LOTS of spit up!

  9. Oh Rachel! You would say puppy breath!

    I am cracking up and gagging at the same time. That is just about the most disgusting thing I've heard and I have 4 boys!

  10. Nothing. I got nothing with that one. Rachel's puppy breath did make me giggle but only for a very short time. Blech!

  11. Oh, that is so gross! What else can you do but laugh at something like that!?

    The spongebob story is hilarious. She always says the funniest stuff!


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