Our Five Ring Circus: Caged Up

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caged Up

I learned a very valuable lesson today.

When your child is being very quiet, while playing in their room, you really should check on them. If you don't check on them, you will find out that they plastered Easter Egg stickers all over their crib.

Lexie totally tattled on herself. She walked up to me, and said, "Mommy, I put my egg stickers on my crib!!!"


This was her first "creative" experiment. Not quite as bad as Dylan drawing on our hallway walls the day we brought his sister home from the hospital...but still naughty.

I explained to her that we will put stickers on paper from now on.

I gotta hand it to her. She does get bonus points for being the first person to decorate for Easter.

Yes, my now 3-year-old is still in a crib. I don't see her giving it up any time soon. She loves her crib, and hasn't even attempted to climb out yet.

When we ask her if she wants a big girl bed, she responds with a very certain, "NO."

It is the only link to "babyhood" that she has left. Everything else from that stage is long gone. Well, except BunBun. I envision BunBun being in her pocket the day she takes her driving test. Or graduates. Or walks down the aisle.

And, honestly? I'm not going to push her. She sleeps very well (despite a few recent stalling efforts during bedtime), and she doesn't seem ready to make the switch.

I'm in no hurry for her to get out of that crib. See, Dylan was a climber. He was climbing out of the pack and play at 9 months old. At 12 months, he was climbing out of the crib, with the mattress lowered. We exhausted every effort in keeping him contained, and at 16 months old, he went to a toddler bed. His doctor told us it was time to give up, because it was becoming a safety risk.

He did very well with the switch.


His sister? I don't think we'll be as lucky when that time comes.

For now, she's happy being caged up. In her blinged-out crib.


  1. Hey- if I could keep Asher in a crib I would! ELijah climbed IN TO his crib at 9 months and out by 11, so he was out early. We tried to keep Asher in as long as possible!
    Very cute decorating!

  2. years ago they kept kids in cribs much longer. I was in my crib until I went to K...lol. I still fondly rememeber the safety of it. it had cute little flowers and lamb-ies on it in a spring meadow painted on it...probably lead paint and the bars spaced too far apart but hey, I loved it. lol. i would keep her there if she likes it.

  3. I love the decorating that she did:) I hope they came off without messing up the finish on the crib! My boys were climbers and the oldest two were out of the crib by 16 months and 20 months! Eli will probably have to move to a toddler bed soon too...he likes to climb:)

  4. Isnt that the truth, when the house is silent the young ones have to be up to something!!

    I can't believe she is still in a crib and doesnt even try to get out. Thats great for you!


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