Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is a day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!

Lexie called me into her room the other night, after she had gone to bed. Her voice sounded urgent, so I figured I should see what was wrong. She informed me, "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm going to be Tinkerbell."

Dylan has always talked in his sleep. I tiptoed into his room to put something on the floor, and heard him pass gas, just like a typical man. The only thing not so typical, was that he whispered, "Excuse me." And then did it again! He's polite even when he's asleep!

Lexie absolutely despises socks. I can not get her to keep socks on her feet. Yesterday, I was fixing the couch cushions, and found her socks buried underneath one of the cushions! Sneaky little girl! And that's the reason why she always wears dresses and tights in the winter!

Dylan was talking to Lexie in the car today. I overheard him say, "When I turn 16, Mommy and Daddy will buy me a phone, and I'll be able to take you places by myself." (I only hope that we can hold off on giving him a phone until then!) Lexie responded with, "Yes, and if I fall, you will pick me up and hug me and smooch me and give me Iced Tea and snacks and milk."

Lexie loves to help me with the dishes every night after dinner. It takes longer with her helping, but I honestly love it. I love to stare at her reflection in the kitchen window and watch her expressions as she works. I love that girl!

Dylan walked in to our room on Sunday and said, "Look! I have a bag of balls!" He did, indeed, have a paper bag filled with bouncy balls. Then he said, "I like my balls! I'm having fun with my balls today!" The second he walked out of the room, Grant and I started laughing. Ahhh, innocence.


  1. Oh this had me laughing! The things kids say... so cute!

  2. LOL

    I love the one where you will buy Dylan a phone when he's 16 and he will take Lexie places. So sweet.

  3. I'm still laughing at Dylan passing gas. I think my heart would have exploded listening to their conversation about when they're older.

  4. too funny and all my kids hate socks and will hide them as well. patrick never has socks on his feet. It drives my mom insane more than me. we have ongoing sock arguements around here...lol

  5. too funny, thanks for the cute stories!

  6. So cute! I agree with Lexie I'd like to be Tinkerbell too! How sweet!

  7. So........cute! You are so wise to write these things down.

  8. So cute that he said excuse me in his sleep! Ha! I love looking back at my posts where I write all this stuff down too. I think years from now it will be fun to show them too.

  9. Lexie helping w/the dishes warms my heart!
    Cherish that girl!!!!


  10. how funny!!!
    I'm with Lexie I hate socks too!


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