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Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

It's Monday! A day to air out our dirty laundry. A day to confess. It's refreshing and therapeutic!
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I am not completely shocked over the fact that it's February 1st. Weren't we just preparing to send Dylan to his first year of school? How is it February already?!?

My mom did not inform me that I better have my third child soon, because I'm getting old. (Really?!? I'm turning 30 in April. I was feeling perfectly young until she said that!) I'm not thinking that she just wants another grandchild. As if 19 weren't enough!

I was not so near my breaking point, that my sister had to pluck my clingy child out of my arms and keep her busy for a while. I am not entirely grateful to her for recognizing my frustration. Sisters can be completely awesome!

I did not ask Lexie, who is allergic to eggs, if she wanted pancakes or eggs for breakfast. She did not look at me like I was losing it.

I also did not place a steak knife at Dylan's table setting. He did not have to inform me in a whisper, "Mommy that knife is too sharp for me, remember?"

My daughter did not discover the cat's hiding spot this week.

I am not a complete wuss when it comes to the cold. 30 degrees is perfectly fine with me. 25 is okay. But anything less is pushing it. The 6.8 degree temp last night did not push me over the edge. I did not have to double layer to keep warm. I was not so cold that I had to take a hot bath at 2 AM to warm up. I am not always freezing!!!!

BRRRRR! Happy February!


  1. I've done the knife thing with Buddy too. Only, he doesn't remind me. It's when I see him using it like a sword that I all of a sudden remember that the 5 year old can't have a steak knife. LOL

    Our dog hides under the table when the kids are playing. So far, the kids leave her alone there!!

  2. Your turning 30...I am wanting my 2nd child and I am 38 so that should make you feel young again! The pancake and eggs are too funny... I have so been there myself. LOVE your blog and glad I found it will be back to visit again very soon.

  3. Well, I have never tried to kill one of my own children with a food allergen, but I did once try to knock off a whole class! A few years back, I took not only one type of peanut butter candy, but 3 types of peanut butter candy to a class party that 5 of the children in the class are deathly allergic to! Nope, I would never nearly harm someone elses child! I am way more careful than that. I have never given my 4 year old a steak knife either! Nope, he has never had to hand it back to me saying that he was not allowed to have those! Happy Monday!

  4. ha ha at least he reminded you about the knife and she reminded you about the eggs before you had 2 bad accidents. That would have been no fun :)

  5. It's all just proof that you are a fantastic mama! You've spent so much time loving your kids, you've lost your mind ;)

  6. Sheesh! You are TOO OLD to have kids now! Ancient. (fine, i turn 30 on friday...)
    Can you make me eggs or pancakes!?

  7. Oh, man!! I am with you...I am always cold!

    Sounds like your kids are convinced you're losing it...I think, maybe...you have "placenta brain"?! 'Eh?

    Perhaps your mama will get her wish for you to have #3 sooner than she thinks!! ;)

  8. Still chuckling about your mom's "encouragement"... Did it work? :)

  9. girl you are NOT old!! if YOU are old I am a DINOSAUR!! :)

  10. If you're old, and {Kimber} is a dinosaur...well, I'm dust.


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