Our Five Ring Circus: Not Again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Again!

As if 25 inches wasn't enough.

I guess it wasn't.

Round two got a late start, and hit us last night and all through today. The 5:00 news said we got an additional 8 inches. I'm not quite sure how much hit us over the past few hours. All I know is that my back door is blocked by snow for the third time today, and all those paths we made through the snow, to make it easier to walk, are gone! Not to mention, Grant had to dig out the driveway again!

And it's windy, so all the snow is blowing around.

School was canceled for the third day in a row. It's canceled tomorrow, too. The roads are terrible. When school is canceled, PennDot doesn't take care of the roads. Who cares about the people who have to go to work?!? Obviously, PennDot doesn't!

As I said before, I thought the first blizzard was awesome, but that was ENOUGH!

Being snowed in AGAIN? I'm sick of it.

Anybody want to go for an adventurous drive? The roads are WORSE now! I snapped this picture after they were plowed this morning. Oh yeah, and that sea of white at the bottom of the picture? My driveway.

And check out those killer icicles! They're going to touch the ground soon. Time to clear off the playset again, so the roof doesn't collapse!

Okay, snow. I'm done.


  1. Oh.my.goodness. You guys are burried!!!! Stay warm!

  2. I'm done too. I mean, this is TN, it's not supposed to snow this much here! "This much" meaning a huge snow storm that dropped 4 inches and closed school for 3 days. Being from IN and knowing they wouldn't have even delayed school up there for what we got, it's been a REALLY frustrating winter.

  3. You must be getting all of the snow they keep threatening we're supposed to get but don't. The huge storm we were supposed to get yesterday only dropped a few inches. Sorry you are getting the worst of it.

  4. Sending WARM thoughts your way. I'll stop complaining about this morning's sleet now that you've totally shamed me. LOL!

  5. Call me crazy, but I wish we were getting that much snow (other than having to shovel). And think about it, one day the kids will say "Remember when we were little and we got all that snow?"

  6. wow!! what is going on?!
    there is sleet here in Louisiana!!

  7. Okay now I'm happy we just have rain and not snow here in TX! Sorry girl! Hope y'all stay warm!

  8. That's just crazy!! I'm sure you all have cabin fever by now. I hope it lets up soon!

  9. That is a huge amount of snow! We are supposed to get about 2 inches and we are so excited about it!

  10. I know this won't make YOU feel any better, but we finally got ours!!! I'm about to post pics! It's been snowing since eeeeeeeeearly this AM!! Coming down fast and hard! (Ahem, that's what she said. Ahem.)


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