Our Five Ring Circus: Get Me Some Furniture! STAT!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Me Some Furniture! STAT!

Guess what happens when you have to remove your old living room furniture to make room for the new stuff being delivered the next day?

You get to have a "picnic" in your living room!

We spent the evening watching TV in lawn chairs. Thank goodness our furniture is being delivered first thing in the morning, because these chairs are uncomfortable!

Lexie took our minds of the uncomfortableness of the chairs. Dylan fell asleep earlier than usual, so we got to spend some alone time with our baby girl.

She entertained us with her singing, dancing, and vaulting skills.

Not too shabby. She just may have a future in vaulting.

I tried vaulting as a teenager, and I think my 3 year old may possess better skills than I had. Of course, my horse was actually moving, and I was standing...but she's well on her way!

Now, excuse me, while I pry my numb behind out of this chair.


  1. lexi looks like a pro! :) congrats on new furniture!

  2. Make sure you post pics of that new furniture. I absolutely LOVE getting new furniture!

  3. getting new furniture is so fun!! can't wait to see it!

  4. Vaulting seems like animal cruelty :( Why would people stand and jump on animals..?

  5. Vaulting is just balancing on a horses back. No different than what riding on it's back is.

  6. LoL I used to vault at horse camp! I'd forgotten about that. Go Lexie! ;)

  7. Ha, to funny! Looks like there may be a future. Can't wait to see the new furniture.

  8. Ha ha i want to see the new furniture :) I also want to see lexi riding your horse again!

  9. I absolutely LOVE getting new furniture!
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