Our Five Ring Circus: A Typical (Lazy) Monday

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Typical (Lazy) Monday

Mondays have always been our day to just hang out at home , recovering from our busy weekend. The kids and I rarely even leave the house on Mondays. Sadly, our tradition is about to change when Dylan heads off to Pre-K in less than a month. So for now, we savor our lazy Mondays.

It was boiling hot outside today. And horribly humid. Of course, the kidlets wanted to go out to play, so I obliged. Can you really say no to this face?

Didn't think so.

So we ventured outside, and even took a hike up the ginormous hill behind our house, to see the farm and the tractors.

I'm not sure how Lexie managed to climb the hill with an armful of stuffed animals, a lovey, and two of Dylan's Star Wars figures clutched in her fist, but she did it!

After our little excursion, Dylan spent some time on his play set...mostly jumping off of it.

Yes, he's going to give me a heart attack.

Good thing he's cute and sweet.

Only 3 more lazy Mondays left before the school year begins. We're going to enjoy each and every one of them! The truth is, I love the time spent with my babies!

P.S. If my blogging starts getting sparse, it's because we're busy with this:

Anybody want to provide a lifetime supply of paper towels, floor cleaner, and character undies?

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  1. Good luck with potty training! Let me know all of your tricks!

  2. I bought a few packs of undies and the only ones my boy wants to wear are the spiderman ones. I have Diego and Cars and he throws a fit if I try to put those ones on him. At this rate I will have to go buy more of the same kind just to get him to wear them..or wash them like crazy!

  3. those are all so cute. lexie is a doll with all those stuffies.

  4. I love a good lazy Monday! Good luck with the potty training.

  5. Oh good luck with the potty training! I don't miss those days one little bit.

    I'm glad you went on your little walk cuz you sure got some sweet pics. No, I couldn't say "No" to that sweet little face either! =0)

  6. GREAT pics of Dylan jumping! Such a boy. :) Good luck with the potty-training!


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