Our Five Ring Circus: Meet Bob

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet Bob

That would be Bob Frog. Dylan's new pet.

I never thought I'd say it, but Bob is actually quite cute. It must be those huge eyes.

Dylan is obsessed with frogs. He has about 32,000 (that's just a rough estimate, may be exaggerated a bit) toy frogs, and is always looking for a pet frog or toad. After finding and releasing several toads this summer, Dylan got lucky. His Papa allowed him (against my wishes) to keep Bob. A new home and supplies from Papa sealed the deal.

There is just one rule: If Bob becomes unhappy in his habitat, we have to let him go. I really do hope he does well though, because he is turning out to be a fun pet!

Also on the list of rules: *Bob Frog can only be held gently while he's still in the cage. *Mama will not feed Bob Frog because Mama will not touch crickets. *Mama will not touch Bob Frog. Mama's love is shown only by looking at Bob. *If you touch Bob Frog, you must immediately wash your hands afterward, because frog germs gross Mama out.

I think that's fair.

How did Bob find his way into our household? Well, when we were visiting my brother's family in Erie last Friday, Dylan spent hours trying to catch the super fast frogs in the puddle in front of their house. So, my super clever boy set a trap. He placed a sand pail filled with grass at the edge of the puddle. He checked that trap every few minutes. I had just strapped Lexie into her seat to go home, when Dylan said he was going to check his trap one last time. I was almost positive we were home free. And then I heard the jubilant scream. "I caught a frog! I caught a frog! My trap worked!!!"

I shuddered as he held the frog up to my face, and told him to let it go. That brought on some tears, and the pleading. "But I love him! He's my friend! I want to keep him!" Those words worked their way into my dad's heart, and Papa declared, "Oh just let him take him home."

And so, the newly named "Bob" came home with us. He now has a deluxe condo, complete with a swimming pool, in Dylan's room. He has a voracious appetite for those live crickets, also residing in Dylan's room.

Bob would be pretty cool if we could just get past that cricket part. Have pet frog, have pet crickets. I can't bring myself to feed him, so that's Grant's job. As a matter of fact, there is a cricket wandering through my house as I type this. He just happened to escape during feeding time tonight.

Dylan loves Bob Frog, and so it seems the rest of our family has grown to love him too.

It's those eyes. I can't resist them.

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  1. Must be the name Bob. That's my dad's name and he loves all things frogs. He collects so much frog stuff, but ironically does not actually have a frog. We had a frog once and the cat ate it. LOL

  2. The escapee cricket is now hiding out in the attic and keeping a diary.

  3. That's a pretty smart trap idea! How old is Dylan? I'm impressed!

    We found a frog in our yard the other day, soooo thankful that Ironman didn't care that much! It's a fish he wants. I would get one too, but, I'm afraid it would die, and I just don't want to deal with that!!!

  4. He is a very cute frog... better looking than the ones I used to catch as a kid. Very ingenious to set a trap!! My mom used to dread when I would hop the fence to go into the neighbors yard and catch frogs in their pond, guess because I am a girl I eventually grew out of that phase.
    I like the cricket comment, very funny!

  5. Awww he is so cute!! I love frogs, I used to have a pet red-eyed tree frog and it had to have live crickets too. I hated when they got out, I would find random dead crickets every so often (luckily I kept them in the basement!). You are such a loving momma to let Dylan keep it (for now) =)

  6. Awwwww, Bob is kinda cute --- in a froggy sorta way. =0)

    I look back on what my mom put up with.... although I was/am a girl, I still loved me some bugs! I had jars full of different varieties of bugs that I'd keep in the corner of my room. I had turtles and crickets and grasshoppers and even some HORNY TOADS.

    Yea, I'd have gotten along so well with Dylan! =0) So would Cam.

  7. He is cute! I bet Dylan was so excited he got to take Bob home. Very smart on the trap idea! My sister bought Truett 2 of the little frogs that live in water (whatever they're called LOL) for his BDay...they're cute!

  8. As far as frog's go..he is a cute one!!
    your hubs comment cracked me up!

  9. I love the name "Bob Frog". Too cute.


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