Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tid-bits

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Tid-bits

After writing last week's Tuesday Tidbits post and photographing "the small things" that I want to remember, I realized that I want to keep up with it. I'm going to be so grateful to reminisce over these someday!

Dylan loves action figures. His favorites are those chunky little figures. He started out with the Star Wars Galactic Heroes sets, then moved on to some Indiana Jones, Spiderman, and Wolverine ones. He has tons of them (as in hundreds of dollars worth...EEEK!) and spills them out on the floor everyday. Of course, I am always stepping on them or picking them up, but he loves them. Someday (all too soon) he'll stop playing with them, and I'll be missing them!

Lexie's favorite phrase right now is "Smacka my butt!" She sticks out her little rear while she says it. Which is *especially* charming when it's bare.

Lexie got the cutest pair of sandals for her second birthday. They were metallic pink, with flowers all over the top. She loved them, and wore them all the time. She got so many compliments on them. They are so worn and faded now, and the strap just broke, so I know I have to pitch them. They are going to be hard to part with!

Dylan recently learned what a zombie was. He insisted that they were called "Miss Zombies" until just a few days ago.

Speaking of funny pronounciations, Lexie has a few that crack me up. Some sentences that frequently come out of her mouth are, "I take my shoes opps?" "Dylan, that is enupps!" And my favorite: "Eww, that skinks!" Just to clarify, that would be off, enough, and stinks in Lexienese.

After Dylan says hello to a family member or friend, he asks them, "So...what's up?" or "So...how are you doing?" Aww, way to start a conversation, buddy! He's growing up way too fast!

And finally, nothing melts my heart more than seeing Lexie playing with her dolls. Well, and looking at those sweet little piggies.

Oh-and a big shout out to my sister, Pam...Happy Birthday!

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  1. Sweet post!

    Who wouldn't love a pair of purple metallic sandals!!!

    I can't wait for Sophie to want to play with dolls. Right now she just enjoys chewing on them =)!

  2. Very sweet. I know, sometimes the things that are so annoying (like picking up a million aciton figures from the floor everyday) will soon be missed!

  3. I love the funny things they come up with!! I try to record as many as possible so I can remember them for years to come!

  4. so sweet...I should do this...but I suck
    and THIS is going to make me sound even more like a horrible mommie..but here goes..
    Rypie's BD is coming up and I asked her what she wanted...
    I want a Babee {Barbie}...how is my baby girl going to be FIVE and she doesn't already have a Barbie???!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER MOTHER?!
    so she will get her Babee :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by today!

    We're two weeks away from starting a second round of my carnival Alphabitty Moments that is all about recording the 'little things'.

    You can read more about it here:


  6. Happy Birthday, Pam!

    Yea, I can't wait until I miss the LEGOS that seem to cover every square inch of my living room floor when I arrive home each new day. Course with school starting next week, that will get lots better. I wonder if I'll ever miss Legos laying everywhere.

    I will miss Riley's dollhouse though. And stuffed animals. And baby dolls.

  7. Cute! I'd totally wear those sandals, if they came in big feet sizes!

  8. Oh, so sweet! I love this post, the little things are really special. I think I might have to participate soon...

  9. Love the "smacka my butt"! So funny! Do those action figures hurt to step on as much as legos or barbie doll shoes do? My boys prefer the "thin" action figures so that's what we have laying around. Except right now I think the playroom is covered in Power Rangers.

  10. those are all cute. thats a neat post idea too. maybe i will have to look around for my own tidbits next tuesday... and my boys are obsessed withlittle men "guys" too


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