Our Five Ring Circus: I Heart (Silly) Faces and Pets

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Heart (Silly) Faces and Pets

The themes this week at I Heart Faces are Crazy, Silly, Funny Faces and Pets.
I chose this photo of my 4 year old son, Dylan. He and my husband were having a funny face contest while having lunch at the zoo!

I chose this photo for the Pets category. This is obviously not our pet, but if Dylan had his way, it would be! We were in the shark tunnel at the zoo, and I took the picture as the shark was swimming over us. I loved how I captured the blue sky, the clouds, and the rocks in the polar bear exhibit, as well as the ripples in the water!

If you want to see some absolutely amazing pictures, head on over to I Heart Faces!

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  1. Looks like he is really savoring that grape juice. Cute!
    Awesome job on the shark photo.

  2. Love the funny face and the shark shot is too cool.

  3. Great pictures! He is such a cutie pie!!!

  4. Adorable little lad :)
    Nice capture of the shark!

  5. Dylan is so cute. good thing shark would not fit into the car. Yee Yah wants to have a hippo after our last trip to the zoo. i told her she could have the one at the zoo, but it needed to live there and we can visit it when ever we want. have a good week!

  6. Oh my! Great shots!

    A friend sent me over after being amazed at how much your Dylan and our Itty Bit look alike!

    It must be those beautiful blue peepers (and willingness to make goofy faces!)

    Terrific photos!


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