Our Five Ring Circus: Let's Just Forget This Crappy Weekend Ever Happened

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's Just Forget This Crappy Weekend Ever Happened

This past weekend is one I'd rather just put behind me! I spent the weekend completely sick and miserable.

The highlight of our weekend was taking Dylan out to get his backpack. Honestly, it wasn't very memorable. Dylan wasn't excited about picking one out, and quickly chose a Spiderman backpack. When I asked him if that was the one he definitely wanted, because he'd be stuck with it for a year, he shrugged and said he liked it. Not quite the fun experience I was expecting.

So...what made this weekend so crappy? Well, let's get into the literal crappy aspect. It appears that Lexie may be seriously allergic to eggs. She hasn't had them in a few weeks, and we had them for breakfast Saturday morning. My potty trained girl ended up with diarrhea all day yesterday and today. Which meant lots of crappy accidents. Let's just add this food to one of the foods she may be allergic to, which may be causing the chronic diarrhea. (Still hoping it's just food allergies, and not Celiac Disease.)

Dylan has been coughing for the past few hours, and had a major hives flare-up. The hives have been showing up since the beginning of July, and they look terrible right now. Back to the pediatric dermatologist! I'm hoping the coughing doesn't turn into what I have, because he starts school in a little over a week!

And now the kicker: Grant had his brother and some of his best friends over to watch the Steelers game (at least they won!) on Saturday night. After they left, I went to take my prescription cough suppressant with codeine, before heading to bed. Much to my surprise, the bottle was nearly empty! I had only gotten the prescription on Thursday night, and had 1 tsp on Thursday night, and 1 tsp on Friday night. The bottle was nearly full...even when I saw it 3 hours prior to the incident. So, yeah, one of our closest friends drank my much needed medicine. A much needed medicine that has no refills. I only had enough left for one night. Thanks a bunch, idiot. I have much stronger words in mind, but I'll keep this PG.

I. Flipped. Out.

Big time.

I screamed, I stomped, I cried, I swore, I slammed cabinet doors, I hid my prescriptions, I posted a very harsh message on facebook for all to see. I was so angry, I turned into a raving lunatic. And honestly? I don't feel guilty about it. I feel that my response was justified.

Grant spent the next hour on the phone, trying to find out who did this. Nobody has confessed, but Grant is almost postive he knows who it was. The year-away-from-becoming-a-Catholic-Priest friend is exempt. As is Grant's brother.

I am just beyond hurt and angry. I can't even believe one of Grant's best friends would do this. They knew how sick I was, yet it didn't even matter to them, because they apparently needed a fix. I feed them meals, let them into my home any time, and provide food and drinks every time they are here. And this happens. Un-freaking-believable.

I'm not going to even attempt to get a refill. Even if my doctor believes that I'm not an addict (I guess it helps that I haven't had a prescription cough suppressant since I was 8), I'm going to have to pay $20 for my doctor copay and prescription copay. $20 I have already spent on the very same thing, only to have it taken away from me.

This person's actions caused me to suffer a very sleepless night, not just from coughing, but from being so upset that someone we trusted did this to us. My husband feels completely betrayed, and rightfully so!

I will NOT let this happen again. This crap is not welcome in my house or in my life!

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  1. Wow that is some serios BS. I do not blame you one bit for being furious!! The only thing I can suggest is Nyquil. MY husband gets very sick and it lingers. Nyquil really helps "get the rest he needs."

    I'm not sure if you're aware, Graham has some pretty severe food allergies. The worst of which is egg. I feel your pain! I assume you'll be following up with your pediatrician or an allergist to have her tested.

  2. if I would have known..Id have given mine to Jocie.. I cannot sleep cause of codeine, so I have one with vicodin instead...but I believe I still have my codeine one...

  3. That sucks. How hard up do you have to be to drink an entire bottle of cough syrup?? Geeze! Sorry that happened and hope you are feeling better.

  4. That is horrible! At least be man enough to admit you did it and figure out how to fix the problem you created! Geez! Well I hope that your week goes much better than your weekend went! :)

  5. I have some relative that have had drug problems in the past, and we still try to put away all of our prescriptions anytime they are going to be in our house! The sad thing is I also feel like I should hide my purse and money because at some point you just quit trusting them and don't really know how far they will go! I hope this week gets better for you!

  6. That is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, like... are we 15? Wow. Insane. And slightly sickening too. Could you call and see if your Dr. would call in some more (explain the situation), then you'd only have to pay for the prescription?

    I would be livid too. It makes ME mad. People really lack sometimes!

    (RYC: We were so excited about having a doggy door, but we can't leave it open for the reason you saw on my blog. Hopefully he'll get too big to go through it soon!)

  7. I would have snapped too! I wouldn't let that person back in my home EVER again. That is just wrong. I would make him pay for a new prescription for you!

  8. OMG I am so sorry about all that. That really does suck about your hubby's friend. I hope you are feeling better and this week is a good one!

  9. I would be pissed! You are totally justified for getting angry ... I would ban that person from my house! Sad!

  10. What a jerk! I cannot believe someone would do that, and wouldn't think you'd notice and/or care. That is a sign of a serious problem for that poor/sick man. I hope you are feeling better, even w/o the medicine.

  11. gasp!!
    I can.not.believe.that!!
    I'm with Candice on the Nyquil...it always seems to help me, but it is still ridiculous that you have to do that!
    jerk face

    feel better {{Hugs}}


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