Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits-A weekly post dedicated to remembering the "small" things in Dylan and Lexie's lives.

Lexie hit the 2 1/2 year milestone on Saturday, and is almost completely day trained. She wakes up dry from naps, and is only slightly wet when she wakes in the morning! She still has some diarrhea issues, so we're going to stick to the pull-ups at night. But once those last 4 diapers are gone, they are gone for good! I may miss them just a little bit...for some reason, I love the smell of Pampers diapers! (Clean, of course!) I'm not going to get to see this much longer:

Today, Dylan and I were looking through a book about reptiles. I was pointing to each picture, and telling him what the reptile was. I pointed to a picture of a turtle, and said, "That's a European Pond Turtle." Dylan responded with, " It pees in the pond?!? Ewwww, GROSS!!!"

Lexie loves to look at a wolf picture book that belongs to my parents. She was looking through it in the car, and she yelled, "Mommy, mommy, look at the tute wolps!!!" That translates to cute wolf. ;)

Lexie cannot say "naked" no matter how hard she tries. Heard several times a day in our house: "Look at ME! I'm wanken!" Yes, that would be naked.

Last Christmas season, my mom bought Christmas snow globes for my kids. They light up, blow snowflakes around, and play several Christmas songs. They became their favorite things the second they saw them! Several months after Christmas, I was able to pack Lexie's snow globe away. Here we are at the end of August, and Dylan still has his on his bedside table. And listens to it every single night.

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  1. Thank goodness kids have mommies to translate for them.

    Don't grandparents buy the best gifts?

  2. isn't it funny how we can understand everything they say, yet have to translate for others!

  3. Aw it is good to remember the little things! Wanken...to cute:)

  4. Great little tidbits. I can't say that I miss diapers, although I do miss my babies that used to fill them. *sigh*

    Why do they have to outgrow those cute little mispronounciations? I wanted Riley's to last forever... for instance at McDonalds, she always wanted a "Hangabur & frih fries." I never corrected her hoping she'd say it that way forever!

  5. I love the smell of pampers too! THey are the best smelling!

  6. Hey, did you know that you won the contest over at "Paging Dr. Mommy?" Yep! Tiffany drew your number. Just wanted to make sure you saw it.


  7. The sweet times we have today will be memories before we know it--I like this Tuesday Tidbit feature. A good way to stop and smell the roses...

    Glad to hear that Lexie's diareah is somewhat better. Are you trying different diets, or is she just growing out of it? Congrats on the potty training, with the problems she's been having, that's quite an accomplishment!!


  8. Erica, yes I did! She let me know!
    Lisa, we have been eliminating things from her diet and adding in some Gluten Free foods.


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