Our Five Ring Circus: Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

In just 21 short months, four boys were born into my family. My sister, Andrea, started off the boy trend by having a baby boy in September 2003. The following year, Andrea, my sister, Gretchen, and I were all pregnant at the same time...and we all had boys! Holidays and parties are crazy in this family with four very (make that VERY) active boys running around!

Meet Brady. The Ringleader. 5 years old.

You know Dylan. Age 4.

Then come the youngsters. Brandon and Jackson. Also, 4 years old.

The cousins are very close. They love playing together, and see each other at least once a week. Fist fights are infrequent, but have occurred. The boys plot their adventures, and always find a way to cause trouble.

My mom is used to having girls. Having raised 5 daughters, 2 stepdaughters, and a stepson, she mostly had experience with all things feminine. She's used to the mood swings and drama, but not rough-and-tumble little boys!

Don't worry, her loving daughters did rescue her within a few minutes!

Lexie is the only girl in the group. She has visits with her cousin, Aubrey, who is 3, every few months, but all she knows is boys!

Poor Lexie Bean! She idolizes them, though, and I know they'll take good care of her when she's a teenager! ;)

They may be a handful, but they are blessed to have each other, and to be so close in age. They have been together since Andrea moved back home last July, and hopefully they won't get torn apart. I'm not sure they'd know how to exist without the others! They really are best friends!

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  1. It's so wonderful to have cousins close in age - it makes for automatic best friends! Great pictures ... I bet in a few years Lexie may beat up on them all :)

  2. Oh my gosh...those pictures are precious! Especially of your mom and the kids! We love having cousins close in age and close geographically, too. Lane was the first of the bunch, but then we have two cousins who were born two days apart just two months before Ellis was born. My sisters-in-law and I were preggo all at the same time, too, and it was so fun!!!

    Yay for boys!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how awesome is that????

    Those were all such sweet pictures. I love the one of them tackling their grandma. Priceless. What was with the shorts half down though? I sat there going "HMMMM?" trying to figure out the story behind it as I giggled to myself. =0)

  4. Wow, that is great to have so many boy cousins so close in age! I bet Dylan has a blast. Very cute pictures too!

  5. i am so laughing at your mom geting knocked down. that is how it is here too with 3 boys. except we have loving fistfights all the time not infrequent. then they go right on to being nice again...crazy. my 3 boys have 2 boy cousins almost identical bdays to james and patrick so there were 5 boys. they lived about a mile from us in california.

  6. That is awesome that your boys all have cousins right around their age. It will be so neat to grow up with the family bond like that!

  7. How adorable!! We are like that on my husbands side of the family! 7 grandBOYS all withing 5 years of each other! It's great!

  8. This is such a sweet post!! :) And hanging out with boys all the time will make Lexie tough enough never to get hurt by one :)

  9. What a great post. The pics with grandma are PRICELESS!!

  10. Oh they are just adorable! I love the pics with Grandma, lol! We have a similar situation in my family, I had Jimmy in January 2008, then my brother and his wife had a little boy in June and my sister had her son the following October, so this Christmas should be a blast! They will all be over 1 and walking and getting into trouble. Unfortunately my sis and her family live in NC so we don't get to get the boys together very often, I wish they would move back up here to Ohio! You all are blessed!


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