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Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to another Not Me Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama. It's a great way to "admit" your imperfections without actually admitting it! Head on over to her blog for more Not Me Monday fun!

It wasn't me who let a certain 4 letter curse word, starting with the letter S, slip out of my mouth when I realized there was no possible way I could make a left turn out of a parking lot. My darling Lexie did not start repeating said word, to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." I will never think of that song the same way again.

I did not run the most miles yet this week...in a thong. I do not have a rather painful scrape in an unusual location. It is not a literal pain in the butt, nor am I rethinking my choice of underwear while running!

I did not scoop up the spilled contents of Lexie's snack container in WalMart, and then hand it back to her. Twice. I'm not thinking that it canceled out the effect of using the Clorox wipe on the cart handle.

It's not me who used the wrong category list in a game of Scattegories. I'm more with it than that!

I did not have a really crappy weekend, nor am I glad it's over. I am not really disappointed in some family members right now.

I did NOT let my kids stay up until 1 AM on Saturday night, during a get together at my house. After everyone left, I did not find Lexie hanging off the edge of her crib, begging to go to bed. I did not find my son like this:

It wasn't me who was in the midst of potty training horror last week. After cleaning up what felt like the millionth pee spot, I did not stomp off to my room, declaring that I was taking a nap. Now. Before I had a temper tantrum of my own. Anybody want to take over this week?

I did not visit my horse at his stable, and find a for sale sign out front. I am not stressing over where I'm going to move him.

The fact that Dylan is starting school this year, did not hit me hard after a school shopping trip. I am not feeling overwhelmed by how quickly my baby grew up.

I did not feed my husband a perfectly nutritious meal of pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks last night.

I do not despise this 90+ degree weather. I am not completely dreading taking the kids outside today.

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  1. Isn't potty training so much fun! I would never pick up spilled snack and feed them to my kiddos either:) And YUM...pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks sound so good...I love that kind of junk food!

  2. Great not me's! It is funny how many of them I can actually relate to. Well, except for the running in a thong...I do not run! Hehe. Way too cute. Have a great week!

  3. OH boy! The joys of potty training! FUN FUN FUN!

    And you ran in a thong? At first I thought you meant like in a thong bikini, and then I realize you HOPEFULLY just meant "under" your jogging clothes.... surely, right? ha ha ha

    Happy Monday!

    ~Captain AmErica =0) {{gigggle}}

  4. Oh my! I used to run in a thong, but have since switched over to the running shorts with a built in liner. Much less...chaffing and such! This was awesome!

  5. least your running...I suck...
    I do not miss potty training at all--poor thing..and I think once a week we should have a "stand in" for us...I need a break

  6. Love the thong "Not Me!" LOL I had my own "Not Me" underwear moment this week and considered posting it and decided against it. You're a brave woman!

  7. I'm about 4 moths from sopping up pee and not looking forward to it. Great Not Mes! Good luck with the next run.

  8. I did not recite the Twinkle Twinkle Little star replacing the words with the S word as I was reading your post!!!
    Man it sounds like you had one heck of a week. Thanks for checking out my blog. I enjoyed reading your post.

  9. Loved your post those were hilarious! Hope your week gets better.

  10. Oh, my. How funny is that. These are some great, and honest, not mes! Happy Monday. Hope your week is better than your weekend.


  11. Running in a thong! HAHAHA! Ouch...


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