Our Five Ring Circus: The Happenings of Week Fifteen

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Happenings of Week Fifteen

April 9th

We woke up and left the house early for our ultrasound!  It was so exciting to see our sweet baby!  I immediately fell in love!  On the way home, I stopped at the lab to get some blood work done.  It was a painful visit. The needle slipped out of the vein when the tech went to change the vial, so they had to move on to the next arm.  I only had a few minutes at home before I had to pick Lexie up from school.  We stopped at Grant's mom's house to show her the Ultrsound pictures, then met my best friend and her boys at the park to play.  From there, we headed to storytime at the library, then to Lexie's 6 year checkup at the doctor.  We were only home an hour, where we had to scramble to get homework done, before heading to Dylan's baseball practice.  Luckily, there is a nice playground at the baseball field, so the girls kept busy, PLUS it was a gorgeous 80 degrees outside!  After practice, we stopped to get some Chinese food, then headed home for the dinner/bedtime routine.  The evening ended sadly, when we discovered Lexie's beloved hamster had passed away. My poor girl was devastated.

 photo IMAG5241.jpg

 photo 013-9.jpg
 photo 015-9.jpg

April 10th

Another crazy busy, non-stop kind of day! I drove Lexie to school, then took Dylan to his dentist appointment.  After his appointment, we got some donuts, then I dropped him off.  I had just a little bit of time to kill before I had to pick Lexie up, so I took Lily to the park.  It was nice spending time with just her! Once home, I had to bury Lexie's hamster, and feed the girls lunch.  After lunch, I took Lexie to gymnastics.  Lily fell asleep in the car, so I had to sit in there with her.  I confess that I drifted off, too!  The late afternoon/evening was spent doing homework and doing a lot of cleaning!

  photo IMAG5274.jpg
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 photo 020-7.jpg

April 11th

We had another really busy day.  After school, I picked Lexie up, and we met a group of friends at Fun Fore All for lunch and a playdate.  We were having a lot of fun, but we had to leave early for Lexie's dentist appointment.  Afterward, we stopped at Old Navy to pick a few things up. The rest of the evening was spent at home.
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April 12th

Another busy one!  We picked Lexie up from school, then went to visit my parents.  That afternoon, my mom, Lily, and I did some shopping.  That evening, we all went to my nephew's birthday party.  Jackson turned 8, and we all gathered to celebrate!  After the party, we headed home, and spent the evening hanging out with our friends.  My great niece, Aubrey, had a sleepover with Lexie.  My nephew, Brandon, and our friend, Jack, slept over with Dylan. It was a loud, late night in our crowded house!
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April 13th

That morning, our three sleepover guests headed home.  Grant took Dylan to baseball practice, and the girls and I went to our friends' house.  After practice, Grant and Dylan met us there.  We ended up having lunch and dinner with them, and just relaxing at their house all day and most of the night.  It was nice having a lazy day with great friends!

 photo 049-7.jpg
 photo 047-8.jpg
 photo 051-10.jpg

April 14th
After sleeping in a bit, we had a family breakfast, then visited with Grant's mom and Nannie for the afternoon.  We came home, had dinner, and got the kids ready for bed.  That evening, we curled up on the couch and watched some of our favorite shows.

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 photo 076-5.jpg
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 photo 067-3.jpg

April 15th

After the big kids went to school, Lily and I met Amber at the park for a walk.  I only left the house again to pick Lexie up from school,  stop at the park for a few minutes, and visit Grant's mom.  The rest of the day was spent at home!

 photo IMAG5358.jpg
 photo IMAG5371.jpg
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 photo 101-3.jpg
 photo 090-3.jpg
 photo 098-6.jpg

It was a really good week!  Busy...but good!


  1. Lily is such a ham. Lexie is gorgeous, as always. Dylan is looking more like his daddy. :)

  2. Gosh Lilly has gotten so big. Some reason I'm realizing that now...haha. Such cute kids, so sorry to hear about the hamster, that just happened to us too. UGH!

  3. Cute pictures! Love ultrasound photos!!! I just had one a week or so ago and I can't wait until my 20 week to see the little one again :)

  4. Oh, so sorry for Lexie :( It is so sad to lose a pet like that when you are a kid!

  5. I love the pictures of Lilly sucking her thumb! Tyler did/does too! Yay for 80 degree baseball practice!!

  6. Okay, that picture of Lexie and Lilly on 4/10...Lexie is just so stunning. She looks like such a big girl there.

    I've noticed she's also been wearing pants a lot more. ;-)


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