Our Five Ring Circus: A Day at the Carnegie Science Center

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Day at the Carnegie Science Center

On April 1st, the kids had the day off school, so we headed into Pittsburgh with our friends to visit the Carnegie Science Center.

What we didn't think about beforehand, was the fact that it was the Pirates' Home Opener, so the city was PACKED and some streets were closed. Oops.  We spent an hour in traffic, but Amber was great company.  We just chatted and laughed, and ignored the 5 kids behind us!

Once we finally arrived, we lucked out, and found a great parking spot.  We turned the kids loose and just followed behind!

Earthquake Cafe is a favorite from when I was a child!  I couldn't get on, due to being pregnant.

 photo 008-13.jpg

Water Play is Lily's favorite!

 photo 017-13.jpg
 photo 015-8.jpg
 photo 022-12.jpg

The kids always climb up on the window ledge to check out the boats on the river and the view of the city.

  photo 024-12.jpg

The ball area is a hit, even for the big kids!

  photo 021-7.jpg

Lily loves playing in the yellow submarine!

 photo 028-7.jpg

The kids started to get tired, so we decided to take a break and watch a show in the kitchen.  They demonstrated how to make ice cream, and the kids enjoyed the samples after it was finished.

 photo 031-8.jpg
  photo 033-13.jpg
 photo 034-9.jpg

After the demonstration, we went down to the robotics floor. 

 photo 036-9.jpg
 photo 037-8.jpg
 photo 038-8.jpg
 photo 054-10.jpg

The kids expelled quite a bit of energy while we were in there.  Those giant pillows are perfect for jumping on!

 photo 045-12.jpg
 photo 048-10.jpg

Lily loved the wooden robot blocks.  She needed a couple of her own!

 photo 046-7.jpg
 photo 050-9.jpg

She also took a turn gazing out at the river.

 photo 055-5.jpg

By that time, it was getting late, so we raced through the displays on the bottom floor, and spent some time playing with the shadow wall.

 photo 064-6.jpg

We promised the kids we would visit SportsWorks and the REAL submarine on the river the next time we returned to the museum.  They each got to pick out a small treat at the gift shop before leaving. 

Their last activity before getting in the car was following the maze in front of the Science Center!

 photo 071-3.jpg

It was a fun day spent with great friends!!!

 photo 027-8.jpg


  1. Looks like the kiddos had a great time, so fun!

  2. What a fun day!!!! I have not been there for a while but I love that place!!! What an awesome city this is!!

  3. My kids love science museums, especially my oldest. We've been to a few different ones and it's so fun to see what they all offer. And we too have the same problem that it seems a day isn't long enough to see everything in the museum!

  4. What a neat place! Looks like so much fun!

  5. Wow this looks like so much fun! I love places like that. It really looks like everyone had a fabulous time. The maze looked very fun. I hope you are doing well. Spring is really blooming and we are so happy. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  6. That first pic of of the earthquake cafe is really cute! Here in California, we love earthquakes. (Kidding of course!)

  7. What a fun day and adorable pictures!!!


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