Our Five Ring Circus: Currently...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm watching...Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3.  Because I'm 90.  Also....Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

I'm reading...books to my kids. 1 chapter in a book plus a library book to Lexie every night, 2 chapters in a book to Dylan every night (he can read chapter books on his own, but it's time spent together), and whatever bazillion books Lily brings to me each day.  For myself, I'm just reading blogs these days.  I haven't found a book that captured my attention in a while!

I'm listening to...top 40 radio.  I'm ashamed to admit that some of the songs are catchy.  At least my kids think I'm cool!

I'm thinking about...how it's absolutely insane that our fourth baby will be here in about 4 months!  WHOA!

I need to...go through all the baby clothes and gear that I packed away.  Book our vacation to the beach.   Make a list of what baby items I need to buy.  Switch Dylan's room and the girls' room.  Finish the basement, bathroom, and living room. 

I'm creating...a human being.  Does that count?!? 

I'm cooking...whatever doesn't make me incredibly nauseous!  Our menu plan this week was/is:  Tortellini and garlic bread, Stuffed Peppers with Mashed Potatoes, Pizza and Wings with friends, Grilled steak with homemade macaroni & cheese and corn, Chicken Chow Mein, dinner with my parents (rotisserie chicken), and dinner with friends.  

I'm shopping for...Summer clothes for the kids and a double stroller, because Lily can get out of the sit and stand that we have! 

I'm organizing...clothes the kids have grown out of.  Some to give away and some to save for the baby.

I'm proud of...Lexie, because she is already moving on to 2nd grade sight words! Dylan, because he is getting straight A's again and really getting serious about baseball this year!  Lily, because she's so darn cute!  My husband for working his butt off at his new job which he really enjoys!  I'm also proud of myself for making it through each and every day with hyperemesis.  It's difficult to hide from others, but I think I do a fairly good job at it!

I'm looking forward to...not being pregnant.  But on the other hand, I don't want to wish time away!  Let me rephrase that:  I'm looking forward to not being sick anymore!

I'm loving...how much this sweet baby is moving around.  It finally feels REAL!

I'm very grateful for...my family and friends.  I love them all dearly!  I'm also thankful for this baby.  Even though I'm really sick and the timing wasn't "right", I feel incredibly blessed!

Our plans for this week...Well, it's already Thursday, but we have a busy weekend! I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning, then I'm going shopping with my mom, and having dinner with my parents, sister, and nephews.  On Saturday, it's Dylan's Opening Day for baseball.  We have a parade at 8:15 AM (BOO!), followed by the opening ceremony, pictures at 11, and his first game from 12-2.  We get a short break before going to a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party!  On Sunday, we'll be visiting Grant's family.  And next week?  School, gymnastics, baseball games, and playdates!


  1. Wow I cant believe you only have 4 months left till baby is here! I just went through and packed away all of Kendall's clothes, I'm going to be selling them.

  2. Wow, after reading your plans for the week, I think I'll stop saying how busy I am... It's hard to believe that your little one is coming in just four more months! Enjoy this special time, and congratulate yourself for being an awesome Mama while being prego. I don't know how you do it! Oh, I watch Everybody Loves Raymond too (when my little boy isn't hogging the TV).

  3. LOTS to be proud of with the kids and of course 'creating a human' totally counts :)

  4. I love Everybody Loves Raymond!! We didn't switch rooms but we moved furniture around between bedrooms in prep for baby and it wasn't easy! It was worth it though! Wooo four months to go!


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