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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life Lately

*I had planned on posting about our Easter today, but I just don't have it in me.  Lily woke up so many times from 11 PM until 3 AM last night, thanks to her 2 year molars coming in.  Which means that Grant and I got very little sleep. She's typically a great sleeper, and the only time she ever wakes up in the middle of the night is when her teeth are bothering her.  We are those "mean" parents that refuse to get our kids out of bed if they wake up in the middle of the night.  Between listening to her talk and cry for hours, and not being able to breathe through my nose, it was a miserable night!

*It is finally warming up in PA!  Spring is here!

*I'm in the process of packing away snow gear and bringing down the Spring/Summer clothes from the attic.  I actually found an entire box of sundresses, shoes, and bathing suits that I had bought on clearance for Lily at the end of summer last year.  I never really bought in advance before.  It's nice because everything was so cheap and I don't have to buy her a ton of stuff now!

*Every time we visit Grant's mom, Lily runs over to the fireplace, points at the picture of her Pap, and starts saying, "Pap Pap!  Pap Pap!"  It's still hard to believe he's gone, and every time she does that, I tear up.

*I have been in a Facebook funk.  I can't stand logging on anymore.  My feed is full of BS.  All I want to see is people's status updates and pictures. All the shares of recipes, news stories, and funny pictures are driving me crazy!  I just don't care about that stuff!

*I didn't take my kids to see the Easter Bunny this year.  I didn't last year, either.  Honestly, the Easter Bunny is usually really creepy looking.  Dylan is already on the verge of not believing anymore, and 2 years ago, he began questioning the Easter Bunny at the mall and egg hunts.  I don't blame him!

*March 24th was the 1 year anniversary of Grant's best friend passing away unexpectedly.  It's hard to believe it has been a year.

*My hyperemesis was really bad last week.  I really should have gone to the hospital for an IV, but I just chose to lay in bed instead.   Luckily, it improved...I'm averaging 3-6 puke sessions a day now.  (Sad that I think of that as an improvement!!!) As much as I hated the fact that it was stills snowing up until early this week, I was grateful for our snow day last week!  I was so sick I could barely move!

*Lily has been climbing out of the pack and play for a few months now.  Two weekends ago, she climbed out of her crib, and fell on her head.   It was a horrible thump, but she was okay.  She hasn't attempted it again!!!

*After talking about replacing our coffee table with a padded storage ottoman for 3 years now, we finally did.  I found one at Target that has two small ottomans stored inside of it, and a flip top tray so we can turn it into a coffee table.  We love it!  The day after we got it, Lily tripped, hit her head on it, and didn't even get hurt.  Only took us 3 kids before we got rid of our huge coffee table!

*Dylan starts baseball next week!  (More running for me, yay!)

*My friends and I went out to dinner for my birthday last night.  I love spending time with them, and it's so nice to go out alone for a few hours!

*My ultrasound is on Tuesday!  Even though we won't be finding out, I'm very excited to see our sweet pea for the first time!  He/She is moving around a lot and I've heard the heartbeat twice now, but it's so wonderful to see the baby up on that screen!  As long as he/she is healthy, I'm happy!!!


  1. I am so excited for the warmer weather which hopefully means more get togethers!! :)

    I agree about FB I deleted so many people cause I was sick of seeing crap! I only care to keep up w. close friends and family

    I am so afraid of B climbing out of her crib

    I love finding clothes I forgot about

    dinner was just what I needed last night!! I love being able to see you ladies! good company and good food!

  2. I am so sorry you are so sick - that really sounds like a never ending stomach flu! We are ready for spring too... we just took an after lunch walk and for once Jackson didn't fight his nap :) Hope Lily sleeps better soon!

  3. so much going on as usual!!!

    Glad you're puking less, but man, that is still a lot - I never puked in pregnancy, I don't think I'd be cut out for that AND you've got 3 kids - super woman!!

  4. That hypermesis sounds like absolute torture and one of the things I fear if I ever have another one. I hate throwing up more than anything.

    We also didn't visit the Easter Bunny this year or last year, I just don't get into it the way I do Santa.

  5. I agree about FB. I do not really look at what most people even post anymore.

    YAY for seeing the baby. One of the best parts of pregnancy!!

    Hopefully you will be coming up on only getting sick a small amount of times now. Darn these crazy pukes pregnancies.

    Birthday dinner was great! Sorry I forgot your gift.

  6. Soooo sorry you are sick!!! Hopefully this warmer weather on the way will help heal you all up!!!!!!

  7. So sorry your so sick. :/ I don't usually get Mackenzie out of bed. But I can count two times that I have and brought her to our bed just because I needed sleep! 1 of those times she was back in her bed in less than 20 minutes because I realized what a mistake it was!

  8. Sounds very rough! Hope you start feeling better soon!! Can't believe yo're almost halfway. I'm sure it's dragging for you though!


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