Our Five Ring Circus: The Big 'Ole Easter Post

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Big 'Ole Easter Post

We had a good Easter this year! 

On Easter Eve, our entire family sat down to dye eggs.  Grant happily took the job as photographer, because he hates how messy the process is! 

Dylan and Lexie did most of the work.  They were really into it this year!  I stripped Lily down to her diaper and let her join in for the first time.  That...was a bit messy!

 photo 003-8.jpg
 photo 004-10.jpg
 photo 006-7.jpg
 photo 007-6.jpg
 photo 010-5.jpg
 photo 012-10.jpg
 photo 015-7.jpg
 photo 033-10.jpg
 photo 041-7.jpg
 photo 048-8.jpg
 photo 045-11.jpg

The kids got baths while I cleaned up the mess. All those plastic tablecloths that I saved from Lexie's birthday party really came in handy for this!

Once the kids were in their pajamas, they got their baskets, and put them on the table for the Easter bunny to fill.

 photo 050-8.jpg
 photo 051-4.jpg

I read them their favorite Easter book about the REAL reason we celebrate Easter, and tucked them into bed. 

Later that night, the Easter bunny visited our house to fill and hide the baskets.

 photo 053-9.jpg

We woke up early the next morning, and the kids immediately spotted a hint that the Easter Bunny had been there!

 photo 001-6.jpg

They excitedly began to search for their hidden baskets!

 photo 009-8.jpg
 photo 011-6.jpg

As soon as they found them, they sat down and dug in!  Lily wasted no time, and immediately stole Peeps from Lexie's basket and bit their heads off!

 photo 024-10.jpg
 photo 019-6.jpg
 photo 021-6.jpg
 photo 033-11.jpg
 photo 036-8.jpg

Shortly after waking up, we had to get ready to meet Grant's family at church.

 photo 037-7.jpg
 photo 038-7.jpg

The kids were absolute angels at church!  It was a good Easter service and I was so thankful I was able to enjoy it!

After church, we began our day of running around visiting our families!

Our first stop was at Grant's mom's house.  The kids got to search for their bags of candy at MawNaw's house, too!

 photo 049-5.jpg
 photo 044-9.jpg
 photo 041-8.jpg
 photo 051-6.jpg
 photo 056-7.jpg
 photo 061-5.jpg
 photo 062-9.jpg

From there, we quickly stopped next door to visit Grant's Nannie, Uncle Scott, and some out of town relatives.  The kids got a little basket from them, as well as $20 each from their great uncle!

  photo 068-8.jpg

I wish we could have spent more time visiting with them, but we had to go to Grant's other grandma's house for dinner! 

 photo 071-2.jpg

Dylan and Lexie love going there, though, because they love playing with Grant's cousins' kids!

 photo 075-2.jpg
 photo 079-4.jpg
 photo 085-3.jpg
 photo 088-6.jpg
 photo 090-2.jpg

After dinner with Grant's family, we headed to my sister's house for dinner with my family!  While there, the kids had an egg hunt indoors and played pin the tail on the bunny!

 photo 097-5.jpg
 photo 110-1.jpg
 photo 116-5.jpg

After a few hours, everybody started to leave.  Plus, it was obvious that somebunny was tired!

 photo 104-4.jpg
 photo 092-1.jpg

Dylan ended up staying behind to have a sleepover with his cousins.  Grant and I took our sleepy girls home, and enjoyed a quiet evening together once they were in bed. 

It was a chaotic Easter.  As usual, I was too busy to get a lot of good pictures, and we completely forgot to take a family picture.  But...it was a GOOD day!  We are very blessed!

 photo 057-6.jpg
 photo 058-2.jpg


  1. Looks like you all had an absolute blast!! The kids looked great!!

  2. Haha, I love that Lily is only in her diaper when you all are coloring eggs. When my kids were her age I always stripped them down for messy projects, eating, anything really. They spent most of their life naked :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Those three have the best clothes!!

  4. There is nothing I love more than kids in Easter clothes. So cute!!

  5. Love the pictures! The kids look adorable!! Dying eggs looks like it was a blast!

  6. I had to laugh at you not taking many pictures!! Everything looks great and lots of fun!

  7. Wow! Looks like the kids have so much fun last Easter!

  8. That is some intense egg dying! I love all of the Easter outfits, especially the matching dresses!


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