Our Five Ring Circus: The Hair Bow Company: Review and Coupon Code

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Hair Bow Company: Review and Coupon Code

When I heard the words "It's a GIRL!" in the delivery room, I was ecstatic!  All of my dreams of tutus, big bows, pink clothing, and flower headbands came true.  Luckily, my sassy little girl was cooperative, and so is her baby sister!

I am always on the lookout for something new, adorable, and unique.  When I was contacted by The Hair Bow Company to do a review for them, I was very excited!  The Hair Bow Company has items that are adorable AND extremely affordable!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I received the package, I was thrilled!  I was asked sizes and favorite colors, and The Hair Bow Company delivered.  Lexie actually squealed when she saw her new outfit and bow!  I admit, I squealed, too!

 photo 071-4.jpg
 photo 045-13.jpg

The outfits, hair bow, and headband were perfect for my girls! The colors and the style suited their playful, sassy personalities. 

 photo 049-6.jpg
 photo 080-3.jpg

Not only are the outfits adorable and affordable, but they are also well made!

I was so impressed with the pettiskirts.  They are the most affordable ones I have ever seen, and I absolutely love the fact that they have an adjustable waist!  Oh, yes, they do!  The pettiskirts have an adjustable elastic band inside the waist, so I was able to size each one perfectly.  Now?  They can grow with my girls!!!

 photo 086-3.jpg
 photo 105-8.jpg

No pettiskirt review is ever complete without  testing out the twirl factor.  I encouraged the girls to give it a go, and Lexie was happy with its twirlability!

 photo 069-3.jpg
 photo 062-10.jpg

I loved Lily's lace headband with the pearl middle.  It looked pretty, but the band was also soft and comfortable.  It didn't slip off Lily's head and it didn't leave a mark on her skin after I took it off!

 photo 095-6.jpg
 photo 077-2.jpg

Lexie's bow was the perfect size! The clip on the back is strong, and and it doesn't slip out of her hair!

 photo 103-4.jpg
 photo 046-8.jpg

The shirts were my favorite!  The tulle rosettes around the neckline were adorable and gave the shirts a unique touch!

  photo 108-3.jpg
 photo 051-8.jpg
 photo 078-6.jpg

Lexie felt like a princess in her outfit!  Even Lily seemed to be happy to be wearing hers.  She actually posed for several pictures! 

 photo 053-10.jpg
 photo 047-7.jpg
 photo 096-7.jpg
 photo 054-11.jpg
 photo 073-9.jpg
  photo 058-3.jpg
 photo 066-4.jpg
 photo 082-6.jpg
 photo 072-8.jpg

Later that evening, my girls wore their outfits to Lexie's Kindergarten Open House.  We received so many compliments on them, and I got asked repeatedly where I got them!  After browsing The Hair Bow Company's website, I now have a huge list of things that I want to purchase.  Everything is so cute!  A bonus?  I won't have buyer's remorse, because everything is so affordable!!!

If you would like to do some shopping, too, I have a coupon code just for my readers!  The code is "LexieLily" and it is for 10% off. It is valid through 4/30.

 photo 057-8.jpg
 photo 048-11.jpg

From head to toe, these outfits were beyond cute!  They definitely get my stamp of approval!

 photo 059-5.jpg
 photo 089-5.jpg

Thanks for the opportunity to review these items, The Hair Bow Company!  I am truly impressed and I will be adding your company to my list of favorite places to shop for my girls!

*I received 2 shirts, 2 pettiskirts, a headband, and a bow from The Hair Bow Company in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Oooh more fun girly stuff!!!

    Your girls look adorable as always!

    The shirts were the first thing I noticed too! LOVELOVELOVE!

    Can't wait to have my TWO girls in stuff like this too!!

  2. OMG! So cute!

    May be my new addiction lol

  3. OHMYGOSH they're so adorable!

  4. Love it!!! The girls look adorable!

  5. Sooo cute! I'm about to go online browse and I don't even have babygirls (I'm sure I can think of someone who needs them haha)

  6. oh goodness too stinkin' cute! I can't get enough of those skirts

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE them - they look great!!! The tulle rosettes are so sweet :)


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