Our Five Ring Circus: Diary of a Crappy Day

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diary of a Crappy Day

It was one of those days. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Going to bed seemed like the only reasonable solution.

7:30 AM: Woke up too early, after very little sleep. Thank you, insomnia.

8:30 AM: Crying meltdown in my car. (Me. Not them.)

8:45 AM: Lexie insists on buttered noodles for breakfast. I insist on pancakes. Meltdown (Her. Not me.) in effect.

9:00 AM: I finally sit down to eat. Kids are finished. Lexie ate 3 pieces.

9:30 AM: 3 mile run on treadmill. First time I've felt good all morning.

10:00 AM: Shower. Nick myself with razor. Curse the shaving cream that doesn't work.

10:45 AM: Running late for playdate at the park. Decide that tossing snacks in a bag is a less time-consuming option than packing a full lunch.

11:05 AM: Arrive at the usually empty park to find an entire daycare having water balloon fights. Get out of car anyway. The keys I have to the SUV are the crappy, not-working set. Tell kids not to lock the door. Kids lock the door. Holding back tears when my best friend arrives.

12:00 PM: Kids are hungry. My remote entry key isn't working. Thanks to the security feature, I need to open the car door and start the engine within 30 seconds before the alarm goes off. Nearly impossible with a worn out key that barely turns in the ignition. Brace myself for at least a minute of embarrassment while I try to start the car. I'm saved of that embarrassment. Worn out key will not even open my doors.

12:30 PM: Arrange for my oh-so-awesome sister to pick up the good set of keys from my husband, who is at work, and drop them off at the park.

12:45 PM: Sister arrives. Car opens perfectly. I throw crappy keys away. (Not really. I was tempted, though!) We eat, talk, and have fun!

1:30 PM: Underwear change in parking lot. Lexie's dribbling-in-the-underwear-before-reaching-the-potty phase needs to stop.

2:00 PM: Kids tired. Playdate over. Head to gas station. Gas station full and there's a line of cars. Head to the other gas station.

2:05 PM: Swipe card at pump. Doesn't read. Swipe card again. Doesn't read. Swipe card again. Doesn't read. Pump tells me to see cashier. I decide to go back to the other gas station, instead of taking both kids out of their seats and then having to strap them in again.

2:10 PM: At other gas station. The card worked, but pump isn't working. Have to take kids out of car and go see the cashier. HA!

2:15 PM: Gas tank is full. Kids fighting over magnadoodle.

2:20 PM: Successful trip to the bank, and Dylan graciously gave the magnadoodle to Lexie.

2:25 PM: Arrive home with tired kids. Lexie practically refuses her nap, but I insist. I win.

4:30 PM: I get the awesome job of scooping Great Dane poop out of the yard before it gets mowed. Rock on.

5:00 PM: Headache. Pop a pill. Can't remember if I took Tylenol or Excedrine. If it's excedrine, I'm officially screwed out of sleep tonight, thanks to the caffeine.

5:30 PM: Yummy dinner. Kids help with dishes. Score!

6:30 PM: Lexie gets her first shiner while taking her bath. Debate heading to the ER, because the cut looked iffy, but decide it wouldn't be worth the trip.


9:30 PM: Bedtime! Let the kids stay up later. Lexie protests bedtime. Dylan protests me leaving the room. I win on both accounts.

11:30 PM: I type up this entire thing, get ready to post, and my internet connection goes out. Bwhahahahaha!

11:58 PM: Back up and running.

11:59 PM: I can't believe June is over in one minute. I am, however, grateful that this day is over!


  1. Thanks goodness for new days and fresh starts!

  2. Man, I hate days like that were everything seems to go wrong! I hope July starts off with a much better day for you!

  3. Oh girlie, I am exhausted after reading that! You poor thing! Although it has a very familiar ring to my life. =)

    I can't believe June is already over but then again I am ready for this year to be over!

    PS. Word verification word...chilin...Bwahahahahaha

  4. I've had those days ... tears held back at every turn. The good news is that the Lord's mercies are new every morning. Good morning!

  5. Sounds like a crazy day! Hope your headache went bye bye with June!

  6. oh man....I hope that today is a better day for you!!

  7. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day! Ugh!! Hope you have a better one today!! :)

  8. Praying today is a better day! Hugs!!

  9. That sounds like an incredibly overwhelming day. Hopefully you took the Tylenol and not the Excedrin and managed some sleep!

  10. I would cry, too! You should be set on badness for a while; you fulfilled your quotient.

  11. Hope your day was much better today. Poor Lexi :( She makes that boo boo look bootiful tho :)

  12. Oh my gosh, what an awful day! Glad you made it through and I hope you got a good night's sleep!

    So happy to have you as one of my newest followers!

  13. Oh mama. I HATE those days. STAYING in bed is the only reasonable solution. Oh, that and getting plastered :)

    I hope today was better for you. Afterall, it WAS Canada day :)

  14. oh my sissy!! thats way too much for me to handle :( but you did! and glad its over. I hope that the headache is over too! and how did that cute little face get a booboo? :( hope it will heal real soon!


  15. We all have those days sweetie. I was so crabby today when I realized it was 1:30 and I had totally forgotten to eat anything. That's a mom's life for ya!

  16. Oh Man! That really was a crappy day! Sorry!


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