Our Five Ring Circus: What's Going On?

Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Going On?

So many things to mention, and so little time, so I'm just going to put them all in one post!

-I broke my finger 3 weeks ago. On Sunday, I started to go without the splint. It still hurts, it's a bit crooked, and the nails on both injured fingers are majorly bruised and disgusting-looking...but that's what happens when you crush your fingers in a garage door!

-Did I mention that I caught the stove on fire on Friday? No? Ha!

-The tooth fairy did pay Dylan a visit on Saturday night. He was so excited to wake up on Sunday morning, and find a $5 bill under his pillow! (Hate to break it to him, but the tooth fairy only leaves $1-$2 per tooth from now on.) He promptly used his tooth fairy and graduation money (Who gives a preschooler money for graduation?!? My mom, that's who!) to buy an Indiana Jones Lego set that he's been drooling over.

-My SUV is fixed, and we didn't have to pay a dime! Phew! Narrowly escaped that $1400 bill. Well, almost fixed. The exhaust system that was replaced last year (with a crappy system), after an elderly lady hit our parked car, lost a hook and needs fixed. Always something!

-On a happier note, the garage door is working again! Grant's wonderful friend replaced the motor and belt, rewired everything, and even put in an exterior keypad, all for the price of $85. I'm so thrilled to have a working garage door again (as are my crushed fingers). The fridge is still leaking and my laptop still shuts off constantly, but at least the garage door works!

-I did, indeed, catch the stove on fire. Well, something in the burner caught fire, and flames were leaping up from the burner. Grant finally put it out with a bag of flour. It took a long time to clean that mess up, and we ended up having granola bars for dinner (had to run to T-Ball). The plus side is that my stove has never been cleaner that it is now!

-Dylan was supposed to have his 5 1/2 year checkup at the dentist on Monday. I made the appointment in person, after his last checkup. I wrote the time down in my planner, as the receptionist was writing it down on the appointment reminder card. 1:50 pm. The times matched. Over the weekend, I got a voicemail reminding me that his appointment was at 10:50 am. I figured it was a mistake, and called in at 9:50 am Monday morning, and was informed that his appointment was in 25 minutes. WHAT?!? Worst scheduling mistake. Ever. Needless to say, I rescheduled!

-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts rule my world.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh no! How scary to have a stove fire! I've done the scheduling error before and felt awful, but I think the offices are used to it :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness! I bet the stove fire made for an interesting evening! I dropped a pot holder in the oven one time and it started burning...not fun!

  3. I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough pop tarts! Mmm.

    So sorry about the stove. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  4. My finger STILL Hurts from when I jammed it like 6 weeks ago!

  5. Sounds like you had a mix of goods, bads, and a whole lot of aggravation! I would think the broken fingers would be HUGE problem! I can't imagine changing diapers is very fun right now. :)

  6. Okay, I lost track of everything I was going to say before the chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts comment. I love those things!

  7. I'm glad things are looking up for you now :)

  8. Oh my gosh, I totally caught our stove on fire making popcorn! We weren't so lucky though, burnt up the microwave, cabinets and the light fixture on the ceiling!!! I'm not allowed to make popcorn anymore! lol Glad to hear you got it put out quickly.

  9. man you always have stuff going on.. How do you keep up with daily things like cleaning. I can't even keep my house clean!!

  10. i've caught many stoves on fire. I've looked at that cookie dough pop tart and passed...maybe I should reconsider. hmmm? My mom gives my kids money all the time for stuff like that. we started out on 5 dollar tooth fairy rewards too but I think now we are like on a few dimes or loose change...all those teeth add up quick.

  11. Wowzers...cheers to a new week with less stress! =)

  12. I dare not try those pop tarts or I'll be hooked. I tried to reschedule my son's dentist apt that is scheduled for this upcoming monday (I hope - odd that I did not receive a reminder call) -- and was told that they could put him on the waiting list which already had 250 people on it. 250!!! That's incredible - the only other option was to schedule him for the fall...I am clearly in the wrong business..

    glad to hear that many of your broken items have been fixed :-)

  13. Sorry about your finger.

    I know how scary house fires can be as you know. Hope you had an extinguisher handy!

  14. i am so sorry for the late visit! my eyes are such a pain til now! arggh! anyhoo, glad that your fingers are healing now and that you were able to caught the fire. that was no fun, been on the same situation and luckily nothing serious happened that time. I just burned the whole set of my little one's feeding bottles leaving us with no choice but to buy another set.

    hope you are having a great weekend!


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